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40+ Hectares of Fertile Terrain with Springs

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Property Description

This private 48.6-hectare (120-acre) property is located 5.2 kilometers from the beautiful town of Chicaña in the Orient of Ecuador, just off the waterfall route, "El duende". From the road you take a footpath and walk about 25 minutes to reach this magnificent farm. This property is ideal if you want to create an eco-friendly community or for off-grid living!


There are several crystalline water springs throughout this property. This property offers some of the best fertile land to cultivate all kinds of fruit trees. Currently this property has pastureland, some fruits like sweet lemon, guava, and other native wild fruits.


Amidst the majestic nature, you can hear the chirping of various types of birds at all times. Additionally, you will see animals native to this area.


More than half of the property is flat, which is great for future building projects. Throughout these areas you can observe incredible views of the mountains as well as stunning sunsets. Going up to the top you will find an even more beautiful viewpoint of the valley and mountains.


The climate in this area is temperate, so you can enjoy the radiant sun in addition to very relaxing soft rains.


There is a small wooden house on this property that will need some repairs to make it livable.


Price: $ 83,000


Property Data



Location: Zamora, Ecuador

Property Size: 48.6 hectares (120 acres)

Distance to the closest town: 30 minutes

Town location:

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