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Beautiful Property in Tumianuma with Breathtaking Views

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(Under Contract)

Discover the hidden gem of Tumianuma, Loja, Ecuador, where tranquility and natural beauty blend seamlessly. Nestled just 5 miles south of the vibrant town of Tumianuma, this property offers a unique opportunity for those seeking an investor visa. Boasting an attractive location, with two neighboring expats already enjoying the area, this remarkable property is waiting to be explored.


Situated along a road conveniently connected to the main dirt road, accessibility is never an issue. A mere 20-minute drive from the enchanting town of Vilcabamba, this property presents an ideal location for your dream home. With ample flat areas, envision crafting a residence that perfectly captures the essence of your desires, surrounded by breathtaking views and unrivaled privacy.


While water is not currently available on the property, this minor consideration is outweighed by the countless positives it possesses. Majestic mature ficus trees grace the landscape, adding an element of natural grandeur. Lush green grasses and vibrant flowers adorn the land, creating a picturesque environment that invites exploration and relaxation.


In addition to its inherent beauty, this property presents an enticing opportunity for investors seeking an Ecuadorian visa. Ecuador offers an investor visa program, and this property's potential qualifies as a valuable investment. Embark on a journey where your dreams of a new life in Ecuador become a reality.


Don't miss this chance to own a slice of paradise and embark on an exciting new chapter. Whether you are captivated by the natural wonders, the investor visa potential, or both, this property in Tumianuma, Loja, Ecuador, is an opportunity that cannot be overlooked. Contact us now to begin your journey towards a fulfilling life in this extraordinary destination.


Price: $25,000


Property Data

Location: Tumianuma, Loja - Ecuador

Property Size: 2.2 Hectares (5.43632 acres)

Elevation (Town):  1,612 m.  (5288 ft)

Distance to Vilcabamba: 20 minutes by car

Distance to Loja: Approx. 1 hour by car

Distance to Airport (Catamayo): Approx. 1 hour and 40 min by car

Annual precipitation: 795 mm (31.29 in)

Stimated Costs: $2.400

* Much of Southern Ecuador experiences a rainy and a dry season. The dry season is approximately June through September, while the rainy season is approximately October through May.

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