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Huerta Tumianuma by Abundant Living Communities

Immerse yourself in the pristine embrace of Huerta Tumianuma, a masterfully envisioned community located in the heart of Tumianuma.Spanning across vast expanses of fertile land, each plot within this development resonates with the promise of serenity and the allure of Ecuadorian charm.

Anchored beside a nostalgic old-school Andean village, the essence of age-old traditions blend seamlessly with the comforts of today, crafting a harmonious environment for every resident.The gentle murmur of a nearby river serves as a testament to nature's bounty, offering both solace and sustenance.

Boasting nutrient-rich soil, every plot within Huerta Tumianuma is an agrarian dream come true.Whether you dream of cultivating a thriving orchard, a verdant garden, or a lush field, the earth here is ready to nurture your ambitions.


Strategically positioned, the community ensures connectivity without compromising on tranquility.Quinara's conveniences are a mere 10-minute drive away, while the serene allure of Vilcabamba and the bustling vibrancy of Loja are easily accessible.

Huerta Tumianuma stands as a beacon for those seeking a life attuned to nature's rhythm, wrapped in comfort, and rooted in community. Join us in shaping a future where dreams take root and thrive under the Ecuadorian sun.

Global Price: $449.000

Prices                 Lot Size 

T1: $80.000        10,019.06 m2 (2.47 acres)

T2: $65.000        10,000.41 m2 (2.47 acres)

T3: $60.000        63,459.91 m2 (15.6 acres)

T4: $65.000        15,539.83 m2 (3.83 acres)

T5: $55.000        12,916.66 m2 (3.19 acres)

T6; $100.000      20,041.26 m2 (4.95 acres)

T7: $150.000      60,000.64 m2 (14.82 acres)

T8: $65.000        10,022.10 m2 (2.47 acres)

T9: $100.000      63,459.91 m2 (15.6 acres)

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