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Located under 30 minutes from the unique town of Zumba, sits approximately 27 hectares of lush, largely flat land, mixed with old growth forest, a small orchard, springs, a stream and all the privacy and views you could ever desire.


Zumba is an amazing area, close to the Peruvian border.  The large town offers a hospital, many banks, supermarkets and hardware stores for all your shopping needs – while maintaining its traditional Ecuadorian feel with a kind and down to earth community.


While technically in the Amazonian region of Ecuador, Zumba offers unique characteristics that make it a truly special place.  With year-round rain, pristine water, some of the best soil in the country and a warm yet temperate climate, you have all the upside of the Amazonian region without the downside – not too much rain, few bugs, no dangerous snakes and limited humidity.  


If one word were to describe Zumba, this property, the people and landscape, it would be vibrant.


If you are looking to do an agricultural project, create a homestead, or just be truly integrated into a simple, country, Ecuadorian life, this property is ideal.


Zumba is known for its amazing agricultural conditions with rich black soil and ideal climate with daytime highs normally in the low 80’s – the area is great for any fruits, rice, coffee, cacao and just about anything else.


With very few neighbors, this property offers ideal privacy while still being accessible and close to amenities.


The property offers road access from town with electricity nearby.


Price: $74,000


Property Data



Location: Zumba, Chinchipe, Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador

Property Size: 27 Hectares (66.71 acres)

Population: 9,000 (Zumba)

Altitude: 5300-5800 ft

Distance to Loja: Approx. 5 hours

Distance to airport (Catamayo): Approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

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