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Stunning 100+ Hectares in Valladolid

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Located about an hour from Vilcabamba, two hours from Loja, or 2.5 hours to the airport in Catamayo, is this over 100-hectare (247-acre) piece of tropical paradise in Valladolid. This is one of the closest tropical oases to Loja as the surrounding forests connect to national parks (like Podocarpus) and the Amazon forest. Own your own slice of paradise, complete with natural spring water, lush flora and fauna, and exotic birds native to the Amazon forest.

Perched above the highway on its own over-sized hill, this prominent piece of land towers above the vibrant valleys below and continues downward with rolling hills that extend into to the valleys on either side, eventually meeting beautiful rivers which act as the property line.  

Throughout this property are picturesque rolling hills, some steep inclines, and many flat spots towards the top of the hill which would be ideal for homesites. Build a home for yourself, your family members, and others amidst this rich, thriving land with beautiful views.

Apart from offering several building sites, this property boasts guava trees, wild berries, bananas, sugar cane, pasture land for livestock, and forests. The climate is great for year-round growing so you could plant many more crops as well with this rich green atmosphere.  

A small humble house exists on the property, but it needs several updates to be transformed into a livable, move-in ready home. Since there are homes with electric and water hookups on neighboring properties, hooking up to them will be easy for future projects. In addition to the house, there are many cattle structures throughout the property to provide shelter from sun and rain.

There is no dry season in Valladolid so it maintains its green vibrancy year-round. It is a pleasant climate for being in the orient as it is not too hot or too cold, just slightly humid which is conducive for growing all sorts of crops year-round.

The road from Loja to Valladolid is fully paved (the Pan American Highway) from Loja to Valladolid. From there, the property is an easy 4 kilometers off main highway on smooth hard packed dirt road, which makes for easy visits to Vilcabamba and Loja for staple goods and economical building supplies.

Bask in this magnificent and rich atmosphere while listening to the melodies of delightful birds on this oasis today.

Price: $299,000


Property Data

Asking Price: $299,000

Location: Valladolid, Ecuador

Property Size: 109 hectares (269 acres)

Elevation (town):  1634.00m/5360.89ft 

Distance to Vilcabamba: about 1 hour in car

Distance to Loja: about 2 hours in car

Distance to the Airport (Catamayo): about 2.5 hours in car

Average annual rainfall (Valladolid): 1247 mm (49.1 in.) *

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