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158 Hectares of Rural Mountain Land

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In the cantón of Paltas in the Yambala area, lies this large 158-hectare (390-acre) countryside property with rolling hills, mountainous terrain, a stream, and great views!


The stream on this property runs year-round, so you can divert water from it for a variety of uses. 


The current owner has an agreement with the Forest Bureau to maintain the forested land on the property. With this agreement, the government pays the owner around $3000 annually. As the new owner, you can continue with this agreement or be free from it so you can do all sorts of projects, like building homes, on the land. 


Price: 195,000


Property Data


Location: Loja, Ecuador

Property Size: 158 Hectareas (390 acres)

Population: 23,801 (city)

Altitude (city): 1000 m (3280.84 ft)
Distance to Airport (Catamayo): 1 hour and 30 minutes by car

Distance to Loja: 2 hours  by car

Annual precipitation (Loja): 1,058mm (41.65 in)

-Estimated Closing Costs: $4,000

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