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"Real estate" does not begin to describe the services, network, insights, and solutions these guys bring. Think of them more as a "Hub" -with everything you need to set up your new life here. 🙏 The staff and their families are caring, authentic, and will do anything to make your life here a reality.

Joel Bergeron | April,2024



We were fortunate to team up with the one and only Carl Marsan of Abundant Living. Thanks to his savvy guidance, we confidently embarked on our journey to Vilcabamba. Carl’s blend of attentiveness, patience, and efficiency made the process a breeze, and he's still our go-to guy as we settle into paradise.


                                                         Suzanne Davidson | February.2024

Abundant Living truly cares and goes the extra mile for their clients. Pedro in Vilcabamba was one of the best Realtors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. He understood our desires in a property and took the time and patience to ensure we got to know the areas, people and places within the Vilcabamba, Zumba regions. Abundant Living has an amazing team.

Mark Patty| December, 2023

testimonio 4.png

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Abundant Living in Ecuador and I must say, the experience was nothing short of amazing. The staff at Abundant Living were incredibly resourceful, welcoming, and thoughtful, which helped me to understand the Vilcabamba area much more in-depth. I was particularly impressed by the attentiveness, concern, and helpfulness of Carl, who went above and beyond to make my visit comfortable and memorable. His knowledge of the area, coupled with his warm and friendly personality, made me feel right at home. But it wasn't just Carl who made my visit great. The entire staff at Abundant Living did a fantastic job. Everyone was always available and willing to help with anything I needed. Overall, I would highly recommend Abundant Living to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in Ecuador. The staff's resourcefulness, attentiveness, and thoughtfulness make for a truly exceptional stay. Thank you, Abundant Living, for making my visit one to remember!


Fernando Tobares | April, 2023

Mati and I would like to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and consideration.  You have been wealth of information and trusted confidant during this process.  We look forward to meeting you in person the next time we are in Ecuador (beers on us!)

Kaz and Matilda E. | May 22, 2017


“Jesse Bayer and Abundant Living Ecuador bring a new level of professionalism to real estate brokerage in Ecuador.  They sold my house in Vilcabamba, and were always a pleasure to deal with.  I highly recommend Abundant Living Ecuador to any Seller (or Buyer) of property in Ecuador.”


David Holm | Oct 6th, 2018

"Jesse and and his team on experts did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend their services. 

Their attention to detail, professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond made all the difference. 

Thank you Abundant Living! "

Roland S. | Oct 10, 2018


“We have been very satisfied with the real estate services provided by Abundant Living and Jesse Bayer in particular. He is honest and reliable, gives good advice when asked and does not apply pressure to make a sale. We have been successful in selling our home even though it was a buyer’s market. We have enjoyed working with Jesse and his assistant, Haydee, and are grateful for all of their efforts on our behalf.”


Terry Sparks and Nickola Rivera. | Oct 15th, 2018

"From the first contact to the completion of the purchase, I filled up at abundantliving in good hands. My questions and doubts were always answered quickly and professionally. In addition, I was also given many helpful tips around it, such as relocation costs and companies, visas, architects and much more.
I was pleasantly surprised by abundantliving and can recommend them anytime."

(Translated from German)

Michael W. | Oct 16, 2018


“Jesse Bayer has been the expert we needed when selling our property in Vilcabamba. Despite challenges he was able to professionally guide us through the process with quality advice derived from years of experience. We are grateful to Jesse and do not hesitate recommending him to anyone needing a real estate professional.

Thank you Abundant Living!

Steve and Marcia Greve. | Oct 28th, 2018

“Moving from the United States to Ecuador is a big undertaking, but Jesse Bayer and his team at Abundant Living Ecuador made it seem easy.  While we were still in the  States, Jesse and Haydee responded to our many questions promptly and knowledgeably. When we travelled to Ecuador on an exploratory visit, Jesse worked with our schedule to arrange viewings of several properties. All of the homes he showed us were within the price range we’d established, and all met the basic criteria we’d provided.  At each property, he gave us the “good news/bad news” details, allowing us to weigh what mattered most to us.  That was about a year ago, and with Jesse’s help, we are now happily and comfortably settled into the home of our dreams.  We highly recommend Abundant Living Ecuador!"

Paul Bennet & Susan Peroutka. | Mar 01, 2019


When considering selling our Hacienda San Joaquin home, we thought about how to go about it and decided to try placing online ads and putting up home made flyers in Vilcabamba. We had a few inquiries over a year but none panned out. A friend told a friend of his about the house and he was enthusiastic but was unable to get bank financing. We were disappointed and had now moved back to Australia so really needed professional help. We began researching real estate companies and ended up listing with Jesse whose website and marketing is world class and whose attention to detail was impressive. After a few months in what was a very slow market, Jesse was able to find us a buyer and we were able to get a good price for the house. From start to finish Jesse was there for us and I would not consider anyone else to handle real estate matters for us nor have any reservations whatsoever in recommending his excellent services.

Jeff Hutner. | Mar 01, 2019

My wife and I were very fortunate to have met with Jesse thru Abundant living. We initially went to Vilcabamba to look at one specific house, Jesse had initially gave us directions, advice on car rentals, hotels, before we had arrived, upon arriving Jesse showed us the House, he had unlimited patience with us and showed us various other possibilities. In the end we purchased 2 properties, and have decided to build, he recommended a couple of architects,  we chose one have been very happy with him.  Throughout the process of purchasing he was always very up front, reliable, honest and full accounting at the end of where and what the funds were used for, as well as providing legal assistance in registering the properties, water rights etc. Also helped us in opening bank accounts and advice with visas.

Jesse has been professional and a breath of fresh air he has made our experience as easy as it could possibly be.  Thank you to Jesse and Haydee for everything."

Calvin & Pilar | Apr 02, 2019

#3 064.jpg

"My husband and I highly recommend the services of Jesse Bayer at Abundant Living. While doing research to retire abroad in Ecuador, we found his online videos. When we landed at Vilcabamba, we met with him and he showed us properties that met our requirements. He is a no-nonsense guy. He gives honest answers and does what he says he will do. We have purchased three properties through Abundant Living, and we have had no surprises on facts, figures, paperwork, etc. We hold Jesse in very high regard personally, and will continue to recommend him in all aspects of his business services. You cannot find a nicer, more knowledgeable, or service-oriented person than Jesse. "

Richie and Kayla | Apr 18, 2019

“I worked with Jesse to buy a property outside Vilcabamba. Jesse was responsive and easy to communicate with. He was honest about the pros and cons of the property and also cultural and legal aspects that would need to be considered. He is very knowledgeable about property laws and also has many local contacts on the ground to help with different issues and he was also able to help me see the potential and opportunity in the property. The best part was how upfront he was, so I was never surprised about any bumps or unseen issues during the process. When I tell people I bought a property in Ecuador they just assume it must have been a long, complicated hassle, but honestly it was rather simple and easy with Jesse at Abundant Living. I'm now a very happy and proud property owner in Ecuador.

Megan B. | May 16, 2020


"When I decided to put my farm up for sale I figured it would take about a year. This assumption was based on the fact that my place was in a somewhat remote area, far from what most people would be looking for, but this was exactly what I liked about it. I knew it would take a unique buyer and for years I had seen other farms in the area for sale with nothing happening. Three months later my farm sold. Good work Jesse!"

Kirk M. | Feb 10, 2020

“We really appreciate your help and many insights into Ecuador culture.   The information you gave us is very helpful and has made our life here easier.  We love our property and Gonzanama and we would never have been able to find it without your help - so thank you very much!   Gonzanama is a really fun, quaint town with lots of shops and restaurants.  The town square is beautiful at night.  The town was magical at Christmas.   We also appreciate you setting up the meetings with the builders.   We went with Jairo because he gave us full house plans and sketches - one of the benefits of an architect. We knew what we were getting and the house is even nicer than the plans.  Before we moved to Ecuador, we looked at your website every day and dreamed about moving here.  Your website is really informative and we love the photos and the videos.  We are really happy we contacted you for the rental  and purchasing our property.   It’s even nicer here in Ecuador than we dreamed."

Glenn & Terece B. | Feb 10, 2020

Captura de Pantalla 2020-08-06 a la(s) 1

"When we made the decision to retire to Loja Ecuador one of the deciding factors was meeting Jesse and Haydee at Abundant Living. Their professionalism and guidance made what seemed a daunting task of relocating a smooth and painless process. We had a number of pre visit phone calls with Jesse who was extremely generous with his time, expertise,and provided priceless advice and adult supervision.
During our visit every detail from banking, health insurance, housing and all necessary start up needs were handled by Jesse and Haydee. The experience was like having family in Ecuador to help you get relocated and settled. They helped us find our temporary home and then helped us in selecting and purchasing our forever home. Their market knowledge and expertise gave us comfort and confidence.
We truly feel without their support we would not have had a successful transition to Loja and recommend them without hesitation."

Vi & Mike | Feb 18, 2020

“I would highly recommend the team at Abundant Living for your Real Estate transactions in Ecuador. Jesse, Ryan, and Eddie made our land purchase easy. Jesse promptly responded to our initial inquiry and on short notice advised Ryan and Eddie to meet us at our hotel to show us a variety of properties.  They spent a total of 9 hours with us that day. Ryan also gave us a tour of Vilcabamba and explained the do’s and don'ts while in the Loja area. The next day, we contacted Ryan and expressed our interest in a particular property. We made an offer and a deal was made. Ryan took extra time with us and we felt very comfortable with the entire transaction. We recommend this team for your real estate needs."

Kogi & Deb | Feb 16, 2021


"Abundant living greatly exceeded my expectations and then some! I had an incredible time making this big land purchase because of them and more specifically  thanks to Carl! Not only did Carl go out of his way to find a piece of land that perfectly met my description and budget, he also was a great help all throughout the purchasing process, even obtaining a translator to assist me at the bank when I needed extra help! Even as a small fish in Abundant Livings big pond of buyers and expats, my needs were always met ! If given the chance to buy land again in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to go through abundant living again. I know they’d get it right again and again"

                                                             Zakery Sawyers | Julio 20, 2021

"The Abundant Living company is highly recommended, professionals, attentive to their work, they managed the documentation, we never received a 'No' as an answer, they solved the entire documentation issue when the previous owner was found out of the country, a fantastic good job was done; with the help provided we found the ideal place where our new home will be. It is very pleasant to work with a very kind person who is dedicated to offering the best possible service in our case we share with Mr. Carl Marsan, (a young man with experience and with a lot of patience), my husband and I are happy "

                                              Cryseyda de Gortaire | September 15, 2021


"I've followed Abundant Living for over two years now.  First with Jesse leading up to and including our first trip to Ecuador in  December of 2019.  Covid kept us away for almost two years and we returned in August of 2021.  Jesse had moved on to other things but remained in the background.  We then had the very good fortune to hook up with Carl Marsan who worked with us continuously for the month that we were there.  He showed us multitudes of houses and buildable sites and before we left for home we made him our legal agent, able to sign for us and save us more round trips.  We decided on one of the first buildable properties he showed us and shepherded us through the negotiations.  The seller was in Canada, we were in the U.S., and Carl handled everything in Ecuador.  Money transfers were done by wire.  We now own the property and are eligible for permanent resident status.  Carl also introduced us to a builder who has already done a soils analysis and we expect to be able to write a glowing recommendation on him in about nine months."

Carl is good humored and fun to be around.  Don't hesitate to  put your full trust in him. He is worthy.

                                Bill Clark and Margaret Beaty | November 18, 2021

"When we decided to look for a new home in Vilcabamba, we connected with Abundant Living Ecuador Real Estate office. We got a prompt response and soon were visiting several homes.

Working with Ryan was simply a pleasure.

He was very responsive to our requests and communications.

He is very easy to talk to and has a great positive attitude. Once we found the house of our dreams, everything went really fast and smooth.

From start to finish, we visited the house on Jan 5th then went back on the 8th to inspect it.

We then put an offer in on the 9th and it was accepted on the 11th. We did the closing on the 19th and moved in shortly after.

He made the process a breeze for us. Everything was taken care of and

we knew we could trust him with all the details.

We would highly recommend Ryan as your Real Estate Agent when you are ready to look for your home."

Teshna Beaulieu D.C and David Seaman P.E. | Feb 18th,  2022

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