13-Hectare Investment Property

Located 10 minutes north-east of the city of Loja is this spectacular property with a stream, useful minerals, and plenty of flat land for building or subdivision!


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IMG_5884.00_00_00_20.Imagen fija002.png

Stunning High-End Apartment in Ideal Location

A 2-story turn-key luxury 345 m2 (1131.89 ft2) apartment just a block away from the central park in downtown Loja!



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237 Hectares Outside Loja

Located 33 minutes (20 km) from Loja, nestled around Podocarpus National Park, sits 237 hectares (586 acres) of brilliant Ecaudorian land.


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Beautiful Duplex for Sale in Strategic Location

Located in a modern, anti-seismic, expertly constructed elevator building unit sits a  173m2, 3br/2.5ba duplex apt.


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Spectacular 3-bedroom Apartment in Loja

In a great location near the center of Loja is this spectacular 3br/3.5 ba, 175-m2 (574 ft2) apartment.


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Gorgeous Land in Loja

This 13-hectare (32-acre) property abuts thousands of hectares of protected forest which provides  some of the best air you will ever breathe


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For Sale Beautiful Apartment in Excellent Location

Located in a modern, elevator  sits a lovely 159m2 (1,711ft2), 3br/2.5ba apartment.


#LOJLOJ63                Read More >


Affordable House on a Rural Lot Just Outside of Loja

1000 m2 (0.24 acre) lot in a rural area with a 2-bedroom home. Great views of the city below and surrounding mountains!


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Sweet Riverfront Land Just Minutes from Loja

8666m2 (2.1 acres) of riverfront land with a rustic house surrounded by nature 15 minutes from the city of Loja.


#LOJLOJ69                Read More >


Beautiful 1+ Hectare Lot with Spring Water & Views

Just 10 minutes from the city of Loja is this fabulous 14,570 square-meter (3.6-acre) piece of land!


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Hotel & Retreat Center with a Waterfall Swimming Hole

This thoughtfully designed hotel and retreat center with a waterfall, pool, sports court, and more is nestled in the Andes mountains!


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Foto Fachada 1.png

Beautiful Home with Pool, Sports Court, & Guest House

This beautiful home with so many features is located just minutes away from the lovely town of Malacatos!



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The Perfect Development Property in Malacatos

Internal roads constructed to the 10 already built home sites, canal water/potable water – 3 hectares.


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19 Beautiful Hectares in Landangui

Perfectly located in the mountains above Landangui, sits 19 hectares of pastureland with some of the most amazing views on the planet.


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6 Hectares in a Rural Community


Located in the small Ecuadorian community of Chiquil is this 6-hectare (14.8-acre) piece of land with lots of potential.


#LOJCHI10             Read More >


6.5ha on 4 Titles in Chiquil

Located in the tiny village of Chiquil   sits 4 properties in close proximity totaling approximately 6.5 hectares (16 acres).


#LOJCHI5             Read More >


3.4 Hectare Turnkey Permaculture Farm in Chiquil

Located in the tiny village of Chiquil is this organic  farm with a house taking advantage of stunning views.


#LOJCHI8             Read More >


4 Hectares with Amazing Views


This property consists of 4 hectares (9.9 acres) in a strategic location about 5 minutes from the sweet little town of Malacatos.



#LOJMAL31                Read More >


Productive 2-Hectare Income Property

Located 30 minutes from Malacatos in a rural  community is this super productive 2-hectare (4.9 acres) property.


#LOJCHI9                Read More >


Tropical Fruit Paradise near Malacatos

Amazing riverfront property with 32 varieties of fruit trees and a 2-bedroom + loft house on a 3500m2 lot in a peaceful area.


#LOJMAL29                Read More >


Spectacular 3+ Hectares With Views

Located close to town in the perfect year round climate of Malacatos sits 33,000m2 (8.15 acres) of land.


#LOJMAL27                Read More >


Magical Property in Landangui

While most of this property is steep, there are 3-4 small flat parts that could be used to build.


#LOJLAN4                 Read More >


1.7 Hectares in Malacatos

Located in Yunanga, around 10 minutes into the hills above Malacatos sits 1.7 hectares of nearly entirely flat land.



#LOJMAL25                 Read More >


Flat Land for Agriculture and Building

7.2 hectares (17.7 acres) of mostly flat land that can be used to build houses or to grow productive crops.


#LOJCHI7                 Read More >


Rural Homesite Lot with Astounding Views

Tucked away on a hillside above Malacatos is this 3820m2 piece of land with a lovely future building site.


#LOJMAL28                 Read More >



540 Hectares in Quinara

Bordering a large river, with multiples streams on the property, pure air, forest, large flat areas for cultivation, good soil all in , quiet area..


#LOJQUI13                 Read More >


180-Hectare Homestead Opportunity with Spring Water, River, and Ridges


Wild and rugged 180 hectares (444 acres) in a private valley ideal for  homestead or off-grid living.


#LOJPAL4                   Read More >


Beautiful & Private 16-Hectare Property


16-hectare (39.5-acre) property with a stream flowing through it, providing near year-round water. It’s essentially your own valley!



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3 Flat Hectares in Quinara

With a small house in need of a complete renovation, a few fruit trees including mango, mandarin, lemon, guayaba and orange.



#LOJQUI7                       Read More >

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Peace, Beauty, Cultivation and River in Quinara


1.8 hectares (4.4 acres), largely

cultivated with organic sugarcane



electricity, potable water


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6.2 Hectares of Beautiful Land

Offering fields, wooded areas, water from a beautiful spring, a fish pond and amazing views, this property is perfect for a  amazing homestead.



#LOJTUM11                Read More >


Gorgeous 3.5ha Finca in Quinara

The property offers stunning panoramic views from the upper section, pure, plentiful piped in water, flat sections


#LOJQUI10                  Read More >


1-Hectare Farm with House Near River in Tumianuma

1-hectare (2.7-acre) property is 30 minutes from Vilcabamba, is ready to continue cultivation and make dreams come true.


#TUMI16                     Read More >


1.5 Hectares (3.7 Acres) of Flat Riverfront Land

Located under a minute from the town of Quinara sits this 100% flat lot with canal water in place and electricity and water very close. 


#LOJQUI2                   Read More >


Incredible Views With Water in Quinara

Sitting on top of a small hill overlooking the beautiful valley of Quinara is a mostly flat 3.77 hectare (37.700m2, 9.3 acre)


#LOJQUI8                   Read More >


Productive lot in Really Cool Ecuadorian town

6,200m2 (1.5 acres) of organic sugar cane in the classic, tiny, close-knit town of Tumianuma.


#LOJTUM2                 Read More >


6.2 Hectares in Quinara

With spectacular views, canal water at the bottom (needs to be pumped for use) and a couple of flat hectares, this is an interesting spot to live.


#LOJQUI9                   Read More >

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Beautiful, Cultivated, Riverfront Property

1.2 hectares of completely flat, cultivated, riverfront land with beautiful views and irrigation water in Quinara.


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Lovely Affordable Land in Tumianuma

Located just a minute outiside of the tiny, quaint, Andean pueblo of Tumianuma, 20 minutes from Vilcabamba  sits 1.5 hectares


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Small lot With old Rustic House in Tumianuma

1200m2 lot in the quiet, tiny town of Tumianuma, 20 minutes from Vilcabamba with a small rustic, old house.


#LOJTUM13                  Read More >




Epic 216 Hectare Property with Many Flat Sections, Waterfalls, a Slot Canyon, and Unmatched Views

This is truly a one-of-a-kind property located just over the ridge from Vilcabamba.

$1.6 million

#MASANA1             Read More >


Retreat Center + 4 Houses near Vilcabamba on 21.6 Majestic Hectares

Fruit trees, water, and nature. Ready to make your dreams of having a retreat center or eco-village come true!


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Investment Opportunity in Paradise

This award winning resort offers an exceptional combination of income with growth potential and lifestyle benefits.


#LOJVIL1            Read More >


Villa with 3 homes and Stunning Views

Sitting on 1.85 hectares (4.57 acres) is this marvelous villa just 5 minutes outside of Vilcabamba with lovely gardens & fruit trees.


#LOJVIL66            Read More >


2 Houses With Pool in Gated Community

Located in a secure, gated community where people value peace and privacy sits 2 homes with a pool.


#LOJVIL60             Read More >


6.1 Hectares with House & Development Opportunities

There is great potential for development on this property, with private access and a secluded aspect. Plus, it already has a charming mountain house!


#LOJVIL67             Read More >


Developers Dream Investment Property

6 minutes from town sits 9 lots & a beautiful home on 6+ hectares (15+ acres). Each lots offers unique views and good access.


#LOJVIL59                Read More >


Beautiful Riverfront and Mountain Land

Located in a quiet farming town 25 minutes from Vilcabamba is this beautiful 9-hectare (22-acre) riverfront property!


#MASANA4              Read More >

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The Magic of Vilcabamba

2.8 hectares (6.9 acres), 1br/1ba, 120m2 (1,292 ft2) main house - 1br/1ba, 80m2 (861ft2) second home -  3br/1ba third home, large storage unit, cultivation and more


#LOJVIL41                   Read More >


Stunning Turnkey Opportunity

Located just above town in ‘El Atillo’, a quiet and private high-end neighborhood, sits an expertly constructed 4br/3ba, fully furnished beauty


#LOJVIL50                 Read More >


4 Hectares of Fertile Riverfront Land 15 Minutes from Vilcabamba

4.26 hectares (10.5 acres) of mostly flat land that borders a river and is just 15 minutes from Vilcabamba.


#MASANA2                Read More >


Amazing Property Outside Vilcabamba


Under 15 minutes to Vilcabamba sits just over 5 hectares
(12+acres) of fertile, riverfront land.



#LOJVIL58                 Read More >


Fruit Trees, Views and Tropical Vibes Near Vilcabamba

Located 5 minutes from Vilcabamba is this 3018 square meter (0.75 acre) property with tropical gardens and home sites.


#VILCAYAM1                 Read More >


Ancient Trees, Fantastic Views, and Mostly Flat Land

In a desired location near Vilcabamba, sits this lovely, mostly flat 6,254 m2 (1.5 acre) piece of land with great views.


#VILCAMAN1                Read More >

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-12 at 07.02.25 (1

Large, Flat lot in Vilcabamba

Beautiful, completely flat lot off of a paved road 4 minutes from town in sought after Cucanama. 6722m2 (1.66 acres), currently completely cultivated with sugar cane. 


#LOJVIL62                  Read More >


Productive Lot with Amazing Views

This 6200 square meter (1.5 acres) riverfront property is full of fruit trees and under 10 minutes from Vilcabamba!


#LOJVIL68                  Read More >


Truly Rare Property

10 prime hectares (25 acres), mostly flat, it features woods, irrigation water as well as pure drinking water, has lots of fruit trees and offers amazing views..


#LOJVIL61            Read More >


Upscale 2-Home Estate in a Gated Community with Rental Income Opportunities

Two houses and unparalleled majestic views all on a 2,713m2 (0.67 acre) lot.


#VILCAHSJ2               Read More >


Beautiful & Secure Home in Gated Community

Located in a gated community  is this secure, expertly designed one-of-a-kind home on a 1.38-hectare (3.4-acre) piece of land.


#VILCAHSJ4              Read More >


ORGANIC Gardens, Spectacular Views, & Beautifully Designed Homes

3 homes on 2 hectares (4.9 acres) filled with fruit trees! Located just 5 minutes from Vilcabamba.


#LOJSANP8               Read More >

59 (2) 2.JPG

Immaculate Home & Income Property for Sale in Vilcabamba

With only a 5 minute walk to town center, this picture-perfect hidden gem is the essence of Vilcabamba.


#LOJVIL52                Read More >


Huge Private & Peaceful Property Near Vilcabamba

An amazing 83-hectare property with year-round spring water, marvelous views, and flat land 20 minutes from Vilcabamba.


#LOJSURO1                Read More >


Great Property in Vilcabamba

Located just over a 5-minute drive from in a quiet, secluded community, sits 5000m2 (1.2 acre) of land completely separated into two independent houses.


#LOJVIL56                Read More >


Property Boasting Mountain & Vilcabamba Valley Views

10 minutes from Vilcabamba is this spectacular 1.3-hectare (3-acre) property with flat areas for building and stunning views.


#VILCAYAS2                 Read More >


Flat Land Ideal for Building 7 minutes from Vilcabamba

This private property is just over a hectare (2.47 acres), has irrigation canal water, mature fruit trees, great views!


#LOJVIL65                Read More >

IMG_5805.00_00_01_20.Imagen fija052.png

Great Riverfront Property 5 minutes from Vilcabamba

Located in the friendly town of San Pedro is this 9210-m2 (2.28-acre) property with homesites, incredible views, and riverfront.


#LOJSANP9               Read More >

vista valle.jpg

1-Hectare Property in a Gated Community with Amazing Views

About 20 minutes from Vilcabamba in a secure gated community is this private 1-hectare property with stunning views of the Andes.


#VILCAHSJ3                Read More >


8.5 Hectares with Pristine Water, Views, & Forests

A 8.5-hectare (21-acre) property just 20 minutes from Vilcabamba full of peaceful nature, amazing views, and clean water. 


#LOJSANP7                  Read More >

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Riverfront Hectare with Eucalyptus

15 minutes to Vilcabamba, canal water in place, potable water and electricity close by, and plenty of space for construction.



#LOJVIL39                   Read More >


Wonderful Homestead Site with a House, Fruit Trees, and Views

About 10 minutes from Vilcabamba, is this affordable 1-hectare (2.47-acre) piece of land, with fruit trees and a rustic house.


#VILCAYAS1                Read More >

Mandango lot 8..png

Lovely Lot with Stunning Views

Just 5 minutes from town is this beautiful 3162 square meter (0.78 acre) plot of land with incredible views.


#VILCAMAN2              Read More >


Beautiful San Joaquin Lot

Located in the phase II section of the upscale Hacienda San Joaquin development in Vilcabamba sits a 2998m2 (.74 acre) gently sloped, prime lot.



#LOJVIL57               Read More >


Small Lot with Great Views Near Vilcabamba

10 minutes from Vilcabamba is this lovely 2510m2 lot (0.6 acre) with incredible views.


#VILCAYAS3                  Read More >


Gorgeous, Flat, Riverfront lot Close to Vilcabamba

1.5 hectare (3.7 acre), in Santorum, walking access only. fertile, dense soil, a few fruit trees, bamboo, Eucalyptus with Irrigation water.


#LOJVIL49                  Read More >


Gorgeous lot With Views in Cucanama (Vilcabamba)

A lovely 5481.39m2 lot  (1.45 acre) lot with two home sites and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valley.


#LOJVIL48                   Read More >



31.74 Beautiful Hectares Near Gonzanamá

31.74 hectares (78 acres) of diverse land, a pure water spring, an abundance of orchard trees,  and a 2-bedroom home.


#GONZ3                        Read More >



Hotel and Investment Property in Catamayo

14-room hotel on a 3993.59 square meter lot in the strategically located city of Catamayo is a wonderful investment opportunity!


#LOJCAT5                      Read More >



Phenomenal Finca With Waterfalls and River

230-hectare (568-acre) Finca with cash crop, waterfalls, two rivers, multiple streams, many home sites


#LOJYAN6                 Read More >


Amazing Property in Yangana

Close to town, views, house, cultivation of all kinds, small stream, water.


#LOJYAN5                 Read More >

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1.17 Hectares Between Yangana and Vilcabamba

Fertile land with great views, lots of flat, with pure, untreated water from Podocarpus. Completely fenced in with irrigation..


#LOJYAN2                  Read More >



Beautiful Riverfront Land Bursting with Nature

Near the peaceful, rural town of Valladolid is this productive lot bordering a pristine river and full of lush nature and fruit trees!


#ZAMVALL4                  Read More >



Magnificent 100-Hectare Farm with many Springs

40 minutes from Zamora towards Podocarpus National Park is this wonderful 100-hectare (247-acre) riverfront property.


#ZAMROM2                Read More >


90 Exotic Hectares with Waterfalls & Monkeys

A tropical Amazon paradise with waterfalls, fertile soil, bamboo groves, howler monkeys, and an untouched river and streams!


#ZAMGEN1                Read More >


Beautiful Farm in the Orient

44 hectares of lush, green land.  Approximately 30 hectares are grassland/usable with the other 15 being woods and mountain.


#ZAMPAN2                Read More >


40+ Hectares of Fertile Terrain with Springs

A private 48.6-hectare property with multiple springs, fertile land, and wonderful views.


#ZAMCHI1               Read More >


Beautiful Riverfront Property in the Orient

40 minutes from Zamora is this beautiful 50-hectare (123.6-acre) property full of lush nature.


#ZAMROM1               Read More >


45 hectares in the Andes

Located above the quiet town of Oña is this 45-hectare (111-acre) property full of beautiful landscapes.


#OÑA1                       Read More >


Lush 14.7-Hectare Mountain Oasis

Fertile land with natural springs, panoramic views, green fauna, and room for projects.


#ZAMCHI2               Read More >



The Perfect Ecuadorian Finca

Located 15 min. from the beautiful town of Zumba, at 5300ft of elevation, sits 50 extraordinary hectares (123 acres) of prime, lush land.


#ZUMBA2                Read More >


A Waterfall & Views on 15 hectares

A wonderful 15-hectare (37-acre) property outside of Zumba with a waterfall, amazing views, garden, a 2-story house, and a green house. 


#ZUMBA4                Read More >


46 Amazing Hectares in Zumba with House

Located 20 min. from Zumba, at is 46 hectares (113.67 acres) of beautiful agricultural land with views, spring water and a large orchard with mature fruit trees.


#ZUMBA1                Read More >

Screenshot 2021-03-10 143453.jpg

7 Hectares with Fruit Trees, Spring Water, & Views

15 minutes from Zumba is this beautiful 7-hectare (17.2 acre) property with fruit trees, pure spring water, and lush green view! 


#ZUMBA5                Read More >