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Tropical Fauna, Streams, & Ponds on 13 Hectares

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Property Description

Located about 4 kilometers from the town of Valladolid is this epic 13-hectare (32-acre) property full of lush nature, a roaring river with several waterfalls, a stream, areas for building, and trout ponds! 


A roaring river borders the lower part of the property and has several epic waterfalls! The northeast border of the property has a stream with several smaller-sized waterfalls. There are a few trails on this property, but it would be a great idea to expand and make more hiking trails around the property to be able to enjoy the wonderful features of this land. This is truly an adventure property! 


Since there is such fierce and powerful water flowing, you could install hydro-electric power to generate your own electricity for ultimate sustainability! 


There are various flat places on this property where you could build homes. You could build cabanas throughout the property to create a conscious community. Additionally, because this property is such a large spread, you will experience plenty of privacy and tranquility allowing you to unwind in the majestic nature. 


There are two trout ponds on this property too. Other parts of the land are used as pasture land for cows. 


This property borders another forested property we have listed for sale, a 6-hectare nature reserve. Check out the listing HERE if you are interested in both. You could purchase both properties and have an even larger spread of land. 


The property is about 15 minutes south of the little town of Valladolid right off the main highway. The road from Loja to Valladolid is paved (the Pan American Highway). This makes trips to Vilcabamba and Loja for staple goods and economical building supplies easier.

There is no dry season in Valladolid so it maintains its green vibrancy year-round. It is a pleasant climate for being in the orient as it is not too hot or too cold, just slightly humid which is conducive for growing all sorts of crops year-round. Valladolid is one of the closest tropical oases to Loja as the surrounding forests connect to national parks (like Podocarpus) and the Amazon Forest.


Price: $58,500


Property Data


Location: Valladolid, Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

Property Size: 13 hectares (32 acres)

Population (town) 1,231 inhabitants

Elevation (town):  1,634 m (5360.89 ft)

Distance to Vilcabamba: Approx. 1 hour in car

Distance to Loja: Approx. 2 hours by car

Distance to the Airport (Catamayo): Approx. 2.5 hours by car

Average annual rainfall (Valladolid): 1247 mm (49.1 in.) 

-Estimated Closing Costs: $2,300

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