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Meet the team


Jesse Thomas Bayer- Relocated to Ecuador after establishing himself as a successful New York City based real estate investor – his unique approach to investing allowed him to create a new model for finding and managing undervalued multi-family homes.  In search of a more fulfilling life for himself and his family, Jesse researched a number of countries extensively, and loved what Ecuador had to offer.  Jesse liquidated his real estate holdings in early 2013 and headed to Southern Ecuador to do a large-scale new-paradigm development project.  As Founder, Jesse relies on his real estate background, uncompromising integrity, and dedication to serving clients needs to ensure an unmatched purchase and sales experience.

Whatsapp: +593 98 074 8925


Ryan Pemberton- Abundant Living's Managing Partner was born and raised in the United States in the city of Spokane, Washington, Ryan found himself growing up in the outdoors.  His love for the mountains ultimately led him to the mountain of mountain ranges, the Andes, where he resides with his wife in the beautiful valley of Vilcabamba. Ryan graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in communications.  He immediately put that degree to use by working for a fortune 500 company in a customer service position.  Spending a little over a year growing in best practices in meeting clients needs, he was promoted to an outside sales representative.  This was the beginning of his 15 years in sales.  


With 15 years of corporate sales experience, Ryan learned how to efficiently navigate the full sales cycle. This experience lends itself well to the real estate industry. Combine Ryan’s love for the outdoors and his exceptional sales skills, he effectively represents both the seller and buyer in the sales process of purchasing real estate in Ecuador. 


Ryan loves what he does.  His personality is one that rubs off on people as he makes everyone feel at home, comfortable, and most importantly well informed.  These are important qualities to have when selling real estate to foreigners, as many have questions stemmed in insecurity as to whether or not Ecuador is a place to invest in or call home.

WhatsApp +593 97 885 4431


Carl Morrissette Marsan- Abundant Living's lead sales agent grew up in Quebec, Canada, as a native French speaker with a lifelong affinity to languages. A former vegan chef and nutrition enthusiast, Carl's desire for health, freedom and simplicity led him to travel to South America at the age of 20. He discovered the wonderful valley of Vilcabamba, Ecuador, where he has been living since then. In recent years, Carl has worked in the justice system in Ecuador as a translator and interpreter in various court cases. His knowledge of both the Spanish language and the Ecuadorian culture and his unwavering integrity are great assets in helping Abundant Living establish trust with the local community and our international customer base. He's a kindhearted, responsible person who loves to help people and offer the best service to his clients. His faith in God, is the basis of his moral standards, principled values and the guiding force in his life.

WhatsApp +593 96 851 5185

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