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Why Ecuador?

Boasting world-renowned biodiversity; four distinct regions (Amazonian, Andean, Coastal, and the Galapagos Islands), full of rich soil, abundant water and stunning beauty, Ecuador offers unique quality of life benefits at a steeply discounted price.


In an effort to stabilize the economy following a banking crisis, Ecuador adopted the US dollar as its official currency in the year 2000. Unlike its better-known South and Central American neighbors such as: Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, and even Columbia, Ecuador has experienced a relatively short period of continuous monetary stability.  As a result, it is in its infancy as an international destination for business, foreign investment, travel, and immigration.


Despite Ecuador’s comparative value, it is not lacking in modern amenities.  Ecuador’s infrastructure, services, and social stability are on par with any in the world.  Cost of living is an added attraction.  Expenses such as: food, medical care, and education are a fraction of what one would pay in North America or Europe.


Whether you are looking to be closer to your food and water supply, live more comfortably on a fixed income, or enjoy a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle, Ecuador offers unparalleled options.  With its natural beauty, friendly people, and attractive prices, Ecuador is perhaps the world’s most undervalued destination. 


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