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Rivers, Ponds, & Forests on 150 Hectares

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This beautiful piece of land is made up of three fincas totaling 150 hectares (371 acres) of land. It is located 15 minutes from the Jardín del Zarza and 15 km from Los Encuentros, offering an idyllic setting for those who want peace and privacy. With a well-maintained, 10-meter wide access road with lastre, there are no worries about rain and mud interfering with accessing the property. 


The property boasts 300 plants of banana, pineapple, yucca, sugar cane, and coconut, as well as a large "chanchera" capable of holding 15 animals. There are also four 10 x 8-meter tilapia ponds, with about 5000 tilapias in total. The owner sells each pound of tilapia for $2.00, and in Vilcabamba they can be sold for $3.00 to $4.00 per tilapia. With the tilapia operation and mature fruit trees in place, you can continue generating income and even grow that by investing in additional crops and/or raising animals. 


One of the three fincas spans 70 hectares with 50 of those hectares under contract with Socio Bosque, which pays the owners annually to protect and preserve that section of forested land. The buyer of the property will take over this contract and receive the payments. The 20 remaining hectares of finca are pasture land in good condition with beautiful vegetation.


33 hectares near the main house are perfect for investment in all types of endeavors – building houses, agriculture, and more! Around the home are guava trees, along with free-range chickens and naranjilla everywhere. The main house can be sold with all its furnishings, including a generator and water pumps.


With about 70% of the property being useful, there are beautiful mountainous landscapes with many mature trees that can be used for construction and offer a healthy environment. The property is dotted with streams, brooks, a large lagoon, and two large rivers that run along its borders.

If there is someone who does not want all 150 hectares, the owner agrees to sell the first 48-hectare farm separately.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own this piece of mountainside land with much potential!


Price: $232,000


Property Data



Location: Yantzaza- Zamora, Ecuador

Property Size: 150 Hectareas (371 acres)

Distance to closest town: 15 minutes by car

Distance to Yantzaza: 1 hour by car

Distance to Zamora: 2 hours by car

Distance to Loja City: 3 hours and 30 minutes

Distance to Loja Airport: 4 hours by car

Altitude: 1,478 m. (4849.081 ft)

Population: 18,500 inhabitants

-Estimated Closing Costs: $5.050

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