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Located just outside the small town of Quinara sits 6.2 hectares (15.3 acres) of land.


With spectacular views, canal water at the bottom (needs to be pumped for use) and a couple of flat hectares, this is an interesting spot to live.


Approximately 20 minutes from Vilcabamba, the climate here is ideal, warm, but not hot and never cold.


While most of this property is steep, towards the top there are large flat sections of around 2 hectares or more.


 Needs internal road built to access upper flat parts.



Google maps link:

Elevation of the property:   5472ft (1668m)

Distance to the closest town: 5 minutes in car

Distance to the  Airport:   2 hour and 3 minutes in car

Temperature:  º25 C (º70 F)


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