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What a unique property this is! 47 hectares (116 acres) of land in the mountains with plenty of flat areas, a stream, and endless views. 


The upper part of the property features a natural pond and many flat plains with incredible views. Flat mountaintop areas like this are not common which makes this property even more one-of-a-kind. You can build in many of these areas and the soil is great for planting crops. Animals can also be grazed on the land.  


The lower part of the property has flat areas as well along with a stream. 


Currently there is no electricity hooked up nor potable water. The property is split between two titles, meaning you could sell one of the parcels if you want. It is in an area called Sulindara and is about 15 minutes from Tumianuma. From Tumianuma it’s about 30 minutes to Vilcabamba. 


Price: $140,000

Ref.  LOJTUM25

Property Data



Location: Tumianuma, Loja - Ecuador

Property Size: 47 Hectares (116 acres)

Elevation (Town):  1,612 m. s.n.m.  (5288 ft)

Distance to Vilcabamba: 45 minutes by car

Distance to Loja: Approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes by car

Distance to Airport (Catamayo): Approx. 1 hour and 50 min by car

Annual precipitation: 795 mm (31.29 in)

-Estimated Closing Costs: $2,900

* Much of Southern Ecuador experiences a rainy and a dry season. The dry season is approximately June through September, while the rainy season is approximately October through May.

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