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Modern Hosteria Nested in the Andes Mountain

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Property Description

Welcome to Hostería Sol Del Inca, a gorgeous place to come spend a weekend, take a break from the business of the city, relax and enjoy the wonderful views of the magnificent Andes Mountains. 


El Tablón parish, a small town in the County of Saraguro, province of Loja, is a place that contains a lot of history and culture. Putushio is a place where it is said that the Inca empire used as a cemetery for its royalty and high ranking officials. This area has a long and fascinating history. It is an interesting place for tourism due to the wealth of natural attractions it offers. Approximately 2 hours by car north of the City of Loja and 2 hours and 15 minutes by car south of the city of Cuenca is this truly unique and beautiful property. 


Hotel Sol del Inca is a full service resort, with 2 large spacious double bedrooms fully equipped with private Jacuzzi in each of them, a double suite and a comfortable Geodesic dome bedroom unique in the country. It also has a restaurant, swimming pool, recreation areas to enjoy with the family, all this surrounded by an impressive view of the beautiful Andes mountains.


This Resort sits on 3.85 acres of usable land to continue expanding this one-of-a-kind resort project, built with some of the highest quality modern construction materials and finishes.


Hosteria Sol del Inca is a fully operational business. The place is very popular for locals and tourists to come on the weekends to enjoy the recreation areas and take a break from the business of the city. The dome and rooms are available for short term stays. This is truly a unique place and we hope you will like it too.

Precio: $780.000


Property Data



Location: Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador

Property Size:  11, 560 m2 (3.85 acres)

Construction  Area: 952 m2 (10269 ft2.)

4 br / 6 ba

Status: fully furnished

Population: 1000 (Town)

Altitude (Town): 2,508m (8,228 ft.)

Distance to Vilcabamba: 2:45 minutes

Distance to Loja: 2 hours by car

Distance to Cuenca: 2 hours and 15 minutes by car

Distance to Airport (Catamayo): Approx. 2 hours 30 min by car

Annual precipitation (Saraguro): 770mm (30.3 in)

Saraguro is characterized by the authenticity of its indigenous communities, its great traditions and its beautiful lands. Saraguro's name comes from Sara which means Corn and Guro which means Pot; giving way to being known as the place of corn or as: the land of corn.

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