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Endless Views, River, & Agricultural Land

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7.4238 hectares (18.34 acres) of land with river access, a water reservoir, a rustic house, fertile land, and endless views! 


This property is equipped with sprinklers for irrigating crops, which is a good thing because of how ideal this land is for growing. 


The existing house is very rustic, so if you want to live on the property, building a house would be a good option. Luckily, there are flat and semi-flat areas in the lower and middle sections where you can build a home that will have wonderful views as far as the eye can see!


Towards the bottom of the property you’ll find a quaint river bubbling over huge boulders. 


It’s located in the Chambarango area near the touristic dam “Los Cristales” where you can enjoy water activities and go for walks. It’s also close to the main road to Gonzanamá and Quilanga. 


Price: $130,000

Ref. GONZ7

Property Data



Location: Gonzanama, Loja, Ecuador

Property Size: 7.4238 hectares ( 18.34 acres)

Elevation (Town): 1,870 m. (6135 ft)

Population (Gonzanama): 14,987

Distance to the closest town: 10 minutes in car

Distance to the Airport (Catamayo): 1 hour by car

Distance to Loja: 1:30 hours by car

Annual average rainfall:  1,182mm (46in)

-Estimated Closing Costs: $2,800

*Much of Southern Ecuador experiences a rainy and a dry season. The dry season is approximately June through September, while the rainy season is approximately October through May.

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