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Colibri Land Offerings: A Gated Community in Cuenca

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Welcome to Colubri Land Offerings, a prestigious gated community on the outskirts of the historic city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Offering a rare blend of space, privacy, and urban convenience, this development redefines city living. With 28 exclusive lots available, this is your opportunity to secure a slice of tranquility within city limits.


Within this remarkable community, residents will enjoy a range of premium amenities. A charming on-site restaurant beckons for gourmet dining just steps from your home. Stay active and healthy with a fully-equipped gym, enhancing your fitness routine without the need for a separate membership. And for those who relish both city excitement and the serenity of nature, the community's prime location offers easy walking access to town and the river.


Choose the lot that suits your vision, with sizes ranging from 200 to 350 square meters. These spacious lots provide a canvas for you to design and build the ideal home for your lifestyle. Whether you seek a cozy retreat or a grand residence, you have the freedom to create your dream space.


Nature lovers will find their sanctuary in the nearby river park and the vast hiking trails crisscrossing the mountains just beyond the river bridge. These natural wonders beckon you to explore, offering moments of tranquility by the water and breathtaking vistas in the mountains.


Act swiftly as these lots are in high demand and selling rapidly. Secure your place in Colibri Land Offerings and experience the luxury of space, the allure of privacy, and the convenience of city living. Contact us today to explore available lots and embark on the journey toward an comfortable life in Cuenca's premier gated community.



Lot 3: $62.593,50

Lot 4: $60.208,50

Lpt 5: $60.606,90

Lot 6: $61.522,20

Lot 7: $62.938,20

Lot 8: $64.444,80

Lot 9: $66.147,90

Lot 10: $67.615,20

Lot 11: $69.885,30

Lot 12: $89.026,50

Lot 13: $64.033,80

Lot 14: $79.327,20

Lot 15: $102.292,20

Lot 16: $85.820,70

Lot 17: $69.817,80

Lot 18: $85.836,90

Lot 19: $77.015,70

Lot 20: $73.877,70

Lot 21: $70.461,30

Lot 22: $68.547,30

Lot 23: $68.088,00

Lot 24: $65.000,10

Lot 25: $63.038,70

Lot 26: $60.660,90

Lot 27: $60.150,00

Lot 28: $60.938,70

Lot 29: $60.028,50

Lot 30: $60.494,40



Properties Data

Areas Size:

Lot 3: 208.645 m2

Lot 4: 200.695 m2

Lpt 5: 202.023 m2

Lot 6: 205.074 m2

Lot 7: 209.794 m2

Lot 8: 214.816 m2

Lot 9: 220.493 m2

Lot 10: 225.384 m2

Lot 11: 232.951 m2

Lot 12: 296.755 m2

Lot 13: 213.446 m2

Lot 14: 264.424 m2

Lot 15: 340.974 m2

Lot 16: 286.069 m2

Lot 17: 232.726 m2

Lot 18: 286.123 m2

Lot 19: 256.719 m2

Lot 20: 246.259 m2

Lot 21: 234.871 m2

Lot 22: 228.491 m2

Lot 23: 226.96 m2

Lot 24: 216.667 m2

Lot 25: 210.129 m2 

Lot 26: 202.203 m2 

Lot 27: 200.5 m2

Lot 28: 203.129 m2

Lot 29: 200.095 m2 

Lot 30: 201.648 m2


Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Population (City): 603.269

Altitude (Town): 2,538 m (27318.80 ft.)

Distance to Loja: 3 hours by car

Annual precipitation (Cuenca): 1612 mm


Cuenca, also known as the "Atenas del Ecuador", is a beautiful city located in the central highlands of the country, in the province of Azuay. With an altitude of approximately 2,500 meters above sea level, Cuenca is famous for its colonial architecture, its rich history and culture, and its impressive natural environment.

In addition to its architectural beauty, Cuenca is known for its thriving arts and culture scene. The city is home to a large number of art galleries, museums, and theaters that showcase local talent and promote art and culture. It is also recognized for its craft production, especially in the manufacture of toquilla straw hats, ceramics and jewelry.

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