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Agricultural Investment – Coffee + More

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High in the Andes mountains sits this rural property with 64 hectares (158 acres) of land that is a great agricultural investment! There are a variety of trees (both nuts and fruits), thousands of coffee plants and hundreds of avocado trees and banana plants. 


This farm presents a wonderful opportunity to create an agro-tourism project since it embodies a lifestyle of rural Ecuador. In fact, Ecuador’s national bird, the condor, has been spotted flying overhead with its massive wingspan. This is one of the few habitats of the condor in Ecuador, making this property even more priceless.  


Nearby is a popular desert area, Desierto de Yuluk, where motorcyclists from Loja and Cuenca come to explore. There is also a gigantic waterfall very close to the property.


Building a few cabins for tourists to see condors, experience a rural lifestyle, and go on day trips to the desert area could bring in more income in addition to what you will make from the coffee and other crops. You could also go another route with the property and make this into an eco-community with communal living or work-aways.  


Despite being near a desert, this property has plenty of water access. There is good potable water with a high mineral content. Irrigation water comes from the Yako River via a canal. The irrigation water is distributed throughout the property through a complex irrigation system with many water towers and tubing bringing water to all the crops. There is also a subterranean natural spring that you can tap into for an additional water source (this would require an investment to get to it).


Among the trees on this land are cedar, moringa, laurel, almond, papayas, mango, fig, limes, oranges, zapotes, guavas, avocado (500 trees!!), and more varieties of both native trees and fruits. Many hectares of the land are dedicated to growing a couple varieties of coffee totaling about 12,000 plants. Herbal plants such as the native romerillo and vanilla, among others are found on the land. The owners have made a point to fertilize without chemicals, so this is a huge bonus if you are looking to grow more naturally. 


There are also pastures with solar-powered electric fencing for cows or other animals to graze without ruining the crops. Some areas have alfalfa growing which can be used to feed the animals. There are 4 shelters for livestock too. A natural pond provides water for the livestock. 


There is a huge burner with a copper system to make guarapo (sugar cane liquor) and other concoctions. A mill, coffee bean processor, and other machines also come with the property. The property has 220v electricity. 


The main house has four bedrooms, one of which has its own private bathroom. There are two other bathrooms with showers and a laundry room. The kitchen is spacious. In addition to the main house, there are two other rustic houses and two storage buildings. 


About 25 hectares are semi-flat, providing places to build more houses or cabins if you want to expand and offer housing for tourists or even create an eco-community! 


This property is located near Saraguro, which is a quaint Andean town with an indigenous agricultural community. Saraguro is located on the Pan-American highway in between Cuenca and Loja. 


Price: $800,000


Property Data



Location: Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador

Property Size:  64 Hectareas (158 acres)

Construction  Area: 100 m2 (1076.39 ft2.)

-Main House: 2 br / 2 ba

Population (City): 30.183

Altitude (Town): 2,508 m (8,228 ft.)

Distance to Loja: 2 hours by car

Distance to Cuenca: 2 hours and 15 minutes by car

Distance to Airport (Catamayo): Approx. 2 hours 30 min by car

Annual precipitation (Saraguro): 770mm (30.3 in)

Saraguro is characterized by the authenticity of its indigenous communities, its great traditions and its beautiful lands. Saraguro's name comes from Sara which means Corn and Guro which means Pot; giving way to being known as the place of corn or as: the land of corn.

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