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Beautiful, Health-Minded Home
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With a spectacular vantage point of both Mandango Mountain and Podocarpus National Park, this holistically-built three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in a great location is ready for you to start living your dreams! Not only does this property have a beautiful home, but it also has a separate dojo studio where you can exercise and/or hold classes.  
This is a newer build with quality finishes present in every area of the house from the doors to the sinks to the ceilings. Both the wood flooring and tiles are of the highest quality. The entire home exudes a peaceful atmosphere thanks to the thoughtful care taken in designing it. Elements like the high ceilings with large wood beams and skylights that let in brilliant natural light are just a couple aspects that give this home such an inviting atmosphere. 
The kitchen and living area has a spacious open-concept layout with plenty of natural light. There is also a large screened-in patio creating a beautiful and peaceful bug-free indoor-outdoor area where you can enjoy incredible views. Each window in the house is screened allowing fresh clean air to flow. 
The master bedroom is spacious and has lovely windows facing the mountains allowing you to wake up to gorgeous sunrises every morning. The master bathroom is equally large with two vanities and a tub. The master also has a walk-in closet. 
The home is situated on a 3000-square-meter (0.74-acre) lot in a great location with low traffic and is a stone’s throw away from the security guards at the entrance of Hacienda San Joaquin. This is a unique situation in that the property is not a part of the home owners’ association despite its being inside of the security gate.  
Dojo Studio 

To one side of the house is an 80-square-meter dojo studio that is equipped with tatami mats for practicing martial arts, yoga, dance, or other activities. The awesome part about this space is that it has amazing views just like the house so you can exercise while taking in the views. In addition to the large open area, there is a 5-person traditional wooden sauna, a bathroom, and an ice bath contrasting with the hot sauna so you can do hot-cold therapy. This dojo studio has a separate entrance, so you could host classes without guests invading the privacy of your home. 
Storage Area

Next to the house is a large 36-square-meter storage building. There is enough room in here for gardeners to rest or have lunch. It comes complete with plenty of tools, a grass-cutter, and other helpful tools for maintenance. 
Specifics About the Build

Offering 309 square meters of living space, this home is well-constructed with earthquake-proof walls and a deep, solid foundation giving you worry-free stability. In fact, soil testing for the foundation was done prior to building and showed the perfect kind of soil for a solid build. Additionally, great care was put into the building process so that no moisture enters or remains in the construction. Drainage has even been installed around the house to ensure any rainwater will be redirected and will not accumulate anywhere. The walls have been made from natural materials allowing them to be breathable. This wall material and the paint used in this house is naturally derived, great for those who are looking for a more organic living space. Much of this is owed to the international architect who built this home with a sense for the finer details.
The house was specially wired according to German Institute of Building Biology standards to avoid any “dirty electricity” that could be harmful to occupants. Everything has been properly grounded with a brand new 25kw transformer pulling the main cable to the house from the ground. No shortcuts were taken while wiring this home. There is even a special main breaker installed near the bedroom so you can shut off all electricity in the house except for the fridge and have a total electrical pollution-free night’s sleep. Each room has several ethernet outlets to avoid the need for WiFi radiation if you prefer not to use it. The owner is educated in how to have a toxin-free lifestyle at home and has taken great care in making this home as such. 
The entire property is fenced and has a security camera system. There is an automatic door opener that can be controlled from inside the house. 
The property is supplied with water from a large 50,000-liter tank further up the hill that supplies all the properties in the area. The pressure is high enough to provide water to the sprinklers and house with ease. As a backup system, two 5000-liter local tanks are installed on the property. These are supported by a high-quality Italian-made pump system. There is a monthly $25 maintenance fee for the homes in this area. 
About 50% of the property area is equipped with an irrigation system. The rest of the land is essentially a clean slate – just waiting for you to plant lush gardens and fruit trees.
The current owners are looking for a pet-friendly buyer who can adopt their friendly Labrador and three cats. They are not able to take the pets with them as they are moving overseas and it’s important that they have the peace of mind knowing they are well cared for in a place that is home. Additionally, they would like to be paid in Bitcoin if possible. 
The market value in this particular area is increasing dramatically, so get in on it early with this special home!


Price: $399,000   Negotiable


Property Data



Location: Hacienda San Joaquin, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Property Size: 3000 m2. (0.74 acres)

Construction Size: 309 m2 (3326 ft2)

3br / 2ba

Population: 5,000 (Vilcabamba)

Distance to the closest town: 15 minutes by car

Distance to Airport (Catamayo): 75 minutes by car

Distance to Loja: 1 hour by car

Annual precipitation (Vilcabamba): 770mm (30.3 in)

-Estimated Closing Costs: $7,500

*Much of Southern Ecuador experiences a rainy and a dry season. The dry season is approximately June through September, while the rainy season is approximately October through May.

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