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Loja, a small slow-paced city nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, offers a unique set of lifestyle benefits at an extremely attractive value.   The natural beauty of the surrounding area, temperate climate, and its safe, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere make Loja a wonderful place to settle.   

Although it is the ninth largest city in Ecuador, with a population of around 200,000, Loja has the feel of a small town where everyone knows each other.  One of the aspects that stand out about Loja relative to the other major cities in Ecuador is the feel and pace of life here.  It is a place where couples meet each other at home for lunch, where parents drop off their kids at school in the morning and pick up them up in the afternoon, and where neighbors say good morning to one another.  



Population: 181,000

Altitude: 2100 meters (6,890 ft) above sea level    

Average High: 24° C (75° F)

Average annual precipitation: 500 mm

Coordinates: 3°59′26″S 79°12′18″O

Airport: Camilo Ponce Enriquez airport is located in Catamayo 38 km from Loja (45 minutes)

Loja is a close-knit community – close friends are like family and people share everything; information, time, even Ice Cream cones!  The Expat community is virtually non-existent; as such people are welcoming to foreigners and view them as just another member of the community.  With a core that is roughly ten blocks long by eight blocks wide, Loja is an extremely walk-able city.  Anywhere that is out of walking distance can be reached by bus or by taxi for a pittance.


Known for its arts and culture, Loja is home to a world-class orchestra, and produces many of Ecuador’s best artists and musicians.  It is common for families in Loja to ensure their children participate in art, music, and the performing arts.  There is a regular offering of live music, concerts, and shows.


Loja boasts three universities, two private and one public. For children, there are several private and alternative primary and secondary school options, and a wide variety of high quality extracurricular activities available.


Loja has several choices for shopping and entertainment.  Theatro Bolivar also known as “Cudic” is a traditional theater for performing arts that regularly hosts plays, musical guests, and dance performances.  There is also a six-screen movie theater and a professional soccer team.  Shopping options include; large open-air markets, boutique shops, and several modern shopping centers.


Ecuador in general and Loja specifically has many beautiful parks and outdoors spaces.  There are several parks throughout the city with areas for play, sports, and leisure activities.  There are many hiking trails in and around Loja including those that reside in Podocarpus National Park.  As one of ten majestic national parks within Ecuador, Podocarpus is a beautiful 146,280km2 (just over 90,000 square miles) park full of endemic plant and animal species.  Loja is also conveniently located within a short drive to the tourist destinations of Zamora and Vilcabamaba. 


Although Loja offers some unique lifestyle benefits it is not for everyone.  Despite being one of the oldest cities in all of South America, (465 years old) it lacks the colonial charm, aesthetic beauty, and quality of construction of similar cities.  Along that same vein, for those who desire an exciting nightlife, or world class dining options, you are encouraged to look elsewhere.


However, if you enjoy being surrounded by nature at every turn, a small town lifestyle with the conveniences of a city, and are comfortable living abroad in the absence of a well-established Expat community, Loja could be the place for you. 

Properties in Loja

Houses in Loja

Cozy Home with TONS of Space and Rental Opportunities

This 590 square-meter (6000+ square-foot) house has three levels with separate entrances, allowing you to rent out different areas.

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Elegant & Luxurious Home

This four-bedroom home is one of the most beautifully designed houses in Loja! 

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Spacious 5-Bedroom New Home

Welcome to this beautiful newly-built home in an excellent neighborhood in Loja​​. 

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Beautiful Move-In-Ready Home

Beautiful, modern 2br, 2ba home with high-end finishes and furnishings is just waiting for you to move in!

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3-Bedroom Home Near Park

Walking distance to one of Loja’s largest parks, Parque Jipiro, is this lovely 3-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom home. 

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3-Bedroom House with Space for Expansion

It’s in a very quiet and safe neighborhood away from the hustle and bustle of the center.

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Affordable House on a Rural Lot Just Outside of Loja

1000 m2 (0.24 acre) lot in a rural area with a 2-bedroom home. Great views of the city below and surrounding mountains!                          Read More >

Furnished 5-Bedroom Home

This home is quite the deal! It has FIVE bedrooms with built-in closets, and it has FIVE bathrooms! To top it all off, it is furnished!                  Read More >

Apartments in Loja

Triplex in Great Location for Rentals

This triplex is a wonderful find and a good investment allowing you to  rent out a couple apartments and have residual income.            

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Modern 1-Bedroom Apartment

In this sleek one-bedroom apartment you can enjoy the comforts of modern living while still being in the heart of the cozy Andes mountains. 

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Beautiful Duplex for Sale in Strategic Location

Located in a modern, anti-seismic, expertly constructed elevator building unit sits a  173m2, 3br/2.5ba duplex apt.​​

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Centrally-Located Apartment 

This 3br, 2ba apartment is in a wonderful location just two blocks away from the culturally vibrant San Pedro musical park.

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Land in Loja

Exploration at Your Fingertips - 3.5 Ha. Near the National Park

3.5 hectares (8.6 acres) of land with a small house, additional building sites, and spots for starting your own garden.​      Read More >

47 hectares High in the Andes

Located between Loja and Cuenca) is this 47-hectare (116-acre) property full of beautiful landscapes, and unique vegetation.              Read More >

Building Sites, a House, & Amazing Views

Great building sites with gorgeous views! It consists of 7857 square meters (2 acres) of land and an adobe house.

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Farm-to-Table Experience

On the way to a beautiful waterfall, is this productive 31-hectare (76.60 -acre) property with tons of fruit trees and several fish ponds! 

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Neighboring Countryside Lots​

In the peaceful countryside 20 minutes from the center of Loja, sit these two neighboring lots in a small subdivision.​

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3 Springs & Lush Riverfront Land

Over 11 hectares (27.28 acres) of land with riverfront, 3 springs, and fertile land! 10-minute drive south of Loja.

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