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In this sleek one-bedroom apartment you can enjoy the comforts of modern living while still being in the heart of the cozy Andes mountains. 


The apartment features a kitchen, dining room, living room, the bedroom, and bathroom. It has 50 square meters (538 ft2) of total living space. It is on the main, first level of the building. 


Since it is nestled slightly above the valley, you have a wonderful vantage point to take in picturesque city views! 


The building the apartment is in has a communal gym and barbecue space that residents can use. The monthly HOA fee for the building is $10.75. 


Located in a newer development near the Technical University of Loja, it is within a 5- to 10-minute drive to dining, shopping, and entertainment. 


Price: $65,000

Ref. LOJLOJ102

Property Data


Location: Loja, Ecuador

Construction Area: 50 m2 (538 ft2)

1 br / 1 ba

Population: 181,000 (city)

Altitude (city): 2,060 m. (6758.53 ft)
Distance to Airport (Catamayo): 50 minutes by car

Distance to Vilcabamba: 45 minutes hour by car

Annual precipitation (Loja): 1,058mm (41.65 in)

-Estimated Closing Costs: $1,750

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