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Spacious rustic property in Yangana with fertile land and natural access

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We present this spacious property located in the parish of Yangana, an oasis of tranquility and nature in a setting far from the hustle and pollution of the city. With an extensive land of 85.8 hectares, equivalent to approximately 212 acres, this property offers an ideal scenario for those seeking an escape from urban life.


Access to this property is through a 50-minute walk, guaranteeing the privacy and tranquility enjoyed upon arrival. Once on the premises, one can appreciate the natural beauty and serenity that surround the property. At the top of the land, there are two rustic houses, one made of wood and another made of adobe, both with rustic charm and suitable for occasional overnight stays, although they require some improvements to be in optimal condition.


The property features ample semi-flat areas, perfect for building your dream home or undertaking agricultural projects. The fertile soil offers countless possibilities for sowing and cultivating various products. Currently, the property is used for livestock farming and can accommodate up to 30 head of cattle. Additionally, there is a corn plantation and a small variety of fruit trees that enrich the landscape and provide fresh produce.


One of the main attractions of this property is the presence of spring water within the premises, suitable for human consumption and sufficient for crop irrigation. Furthermore, at the lower part of the land, the property borders the Chiriguana River, a river with clean waters that adds a special touch to the environment and provides opportunities for aquatic recreational activities.


This property in Yangana offers a unique opportunity to acquire a spacious and fertile land in a natural environment away from noise and pollution. With its rustic houses, semi-flat areas, and water resources, this property is perfect for those seeking a tranquil life amidst nature and wishing to take advantage of the agricultural and livestock possibilities offered by this privileged environment.


Price: $130,000


Property Data



Location: Yangana, Loja, Ecuador

Property Size: 85.8 Hectares (212 acres)

Population (Town): 1,600 inhabitants

Altitude (Town): 1,800 m (5,900 ft.)

Distance to Vilcabamba: 30 minutes by car

Distance to Loja: 1 hour and 20 minutes by car

Distance to Airport (Catamayo): 1 hour and 50 minutes by car

Annual precipitation (Yangana): 400 mm | 15,75 inch


-Estimated Closing Costs: $2,800

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