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Historical 270-Hectare Farm with Springs, Waterfalls, & Views

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Hacienda Colca is a historical estate that goes back to the 1700s and is just minutes from the rural mountain town of Gonzanamá. This 270-hectare (667-acre) estate is well-known throughout the province as a high-class dairy producing farm. 


More than half of the 270 hectares is mostly flat or slightly sloped. Currently these flatter areas are being used as pasture land for dairy cows, but they are completely usable for other things as well. The remainder of the land is mountainous with old growth trees. In these forested areas you will find many cedar, pine and eucalyptus trees which are valuable resources to the land. 


There are two streams flowing through the property, three springs, and a waterfall. Five water reservoir tanks hold water in reserve for the farm’s use. 


The main house is located in a cluster with a farmhand residence and a shelter for the cows. The main and farmhand houses need some restoration to make them more livable. There is also another house about a kilometer away from the main house which is in better shape. You must remember, this is a historical hacienda, so some of these buildings are over decades old! 


If you want to start fresh with a custom house of your own, you can certainly do so on the abundance of flat land. You can even build up above on the mountainside and have epic views! 


A variety of mature fruit trees are also found on the property such as oranges, avocados, limes, prickly pears, and chirimoyas. 


A nice thing about this farm is that it is separated into 3 titles which would make it easier to sell off pieces of the land or even make into a subdevelopment. The main road to Gonzanamá intersects the property, so you can access other parts of the property more easily this way. 


You can add on the purchase of the cows and machinery for an additional $200,000.  The machinery includes 3 John Deere tractors, a plow, rome plow, rotavator, a row builder, a forage harvester, a 7-position mechanical milking machine, and a 2080-liter De Laval cold tank. If you want to take over the agricultural and dairy farm operations, you are well on your way to do so! With this investment, you can start making your money back almost immediately.


It is conveniently located a couple minutes from the main paved road and 15 minutes from Gonzanamá. 


Price: 1,500,000

Ref. GONZ4

Property Data



Location: Gonzanama, Loja, Ecuador

Property Size: 270 hectares (667 acres)

Elevation of the property: Approx. 7267 ft (2215 m)

Population (Gonzanama): 17,276

Distance to the closest town: 15 minutes in car

Distance to the Airport (Catamayo):   45 minutes in car

Distance to Loja: 1 hour and a half in car

Annual average rainfall:  1,182mm (46in)

*Much of Southern Ecuador experiences a rainy and a dry season. The dry season is approximately June through September, while the rainy season is approximately October through May.

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