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200 Hectares in Lush Jungle Mountains

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Property Description

Located 5 minutes from the small rural town of El Porvenir (or 30 minutes from Valladolid) is this lush 200-hectare (494-acre) property spread out on a vibrant green mountain! 


This property has a few flat areas, several hectares of semi-flat land, and sloping terrain. It is not common to find a property with so many flat areas where you can build. Just imagine creating an eco-community spread out on this property! 


While this property has been used primarily as pasture for cows, you can plant nearly any fruit tree and it will thrive in this climate! Bordering to the north and west of the property are two lovely streams.


Throughout the property you can enjoy majestic views of the jungle mountains boasting so many shades of green! 


At the top of the property there is a small rustic wooden house used for overnighters when the farmer comes to check on his cattle. 


There is a massive waterfall just 5 minutes away. There is a trailhead at this waterfall where you can explore deep caves. So many other exploration opportunities are around this area too as it is so close to the Amazon forest.  


El Porvenir, which is 5 minutes away, is a small little town with a clinic, a restaurant, and a weekend market with fresh produce. 


The property is about 30 minutes away from the little, but slightly larger, town of Valladolid, which is on the Pan American Highway. The road from Loja to Valladolid is paved (the Pan American Highway). The stretch of road from Valladolid to El Porvenir is dirt. 

There is no dry season in this area, so it maintains its green vibrancy year-round. It is a pleasant climate for being in the orient as it is not too hot or too cold, just slightly humid which is conducive for growing all sorts of crops year-round. The surrounding mountains and jungle-like forests connect to national parks (like Podocarpus) and the Amazon Forest.


Price: $255,000


Property Data


Location: El Porvenir, Valladolid, Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

Property Size: 200 hectares (494 acres)

Population (town): 1,231 inhabitants

Elevation (town):  1,570 m (5150 ft)

Distance to Vilcabamba: Approx. 1 hour in car

Distance to Loja: Approx. 2 hours in car

Distance to the Airport (Catamayo): Approx. 2 hours 50 min by car

Average annual rainfall (Valladolid): 1,247 mm (49.1 in.) 

-Estimated Closing Costs: $ 4,300

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