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40 Hectares of Rich Land in Loja

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A unique property – 40 hectares (100 acres) of prime Ecuadorian land.


Nestled near the end of a valley, on the east side of Loja, just below thousands of hectares of protected forest, the wildlife and nature in this area are one of a kind.


Bordering a pristine river, with multiple springs and streams, breathtaking views, rich dark soil, many home sites and multiple levels for limitless development options, yet just a few minutes drive into the city, this land has it all.


The property is accessed via a public dirt road, which is rough and crosses the river a few times as you traverse the valley (the only drawback). 


Upon arriving you are immediately struck by the quality of the air.  One of the last few properties in the valley, all the weather comes out of the east and protected forest.  The proximity to this massive nature preserve which stretches to the Amazon allows the valley to enjoy the air/water/wildlife/nature characteristics of the orient in the climate of Loja – meaning parrots, monkeys and bears in the temperate, 7,000ft climate of the Sierra!


The seldom-used road (which dead ends just behind) intersects the property in the lowermost section.  The River, which is one of the most pristine on the planet, acts as the lower border and there are some nice riverfront areas between the road and river – which could be utilized for riverfront construction.


Nearly the entire property lies above the road and continues all the way to the ridge at the top of the mountain.  Of those 40 hectares, around 25 are usable.  Parts are steep, others are gently sloped or flat.  The land offers such contours and varied levels of elevation with such large amounts of flat; it really lends itself to multiple homes, lifestyle options, views, angles, etc.


As you ascend the property, which is sloped reasonably throughout making for easy internal road construction, you start to see panoramic views of the valley of Loja to the west, a gorgeous mountain directly in front and the aforementioned forest to the east.


Dense, jungle-like old growth forest, multiple springs and streams, nooks and crannies for any project, hectares of rich dark soil – perfect for as much as 20-30 hectares of agricultural production – this property offers many possibilities.


The climate, which includes year round rain and is quite temperate, with daily highs generally in the 60’s and 70’s and night time lows normally in the upper 40’s to mid 60’s, is perfect for popular crops such as coffee, juicing tomatoes, potatoes, pine or other wood and granadilla, in addition to all your normal fruits and vegetables.  Even bananas and avocados thrive here.


Occupying the space between around 25% towards the ridge from the road to about 60% towards the ridge from the road there is a sprawling, varied, multi-level flat area, perfect to really spread out and take advantage of the space for multiple homes, agriculture, animals and accompanying structures or anything else you desire.


The upper sections offer additional ample flat areas for those who want to really take advantage of the wide open, rugged feel and perch higher up with the best views.


The area is sought after for its access to the protected forest, pristine air and water, is great for honey bees, and the city is rapidly developing out towards the valley, yet the property is still being offered for its agricultural value as pasture land for cattle at $5,000/hectare.


Electricity runs throughout the valley for easy hookup.


Price: $200,000


Ref. LOJA68

Property Data

Asking Price: $200,000

Location: Loja, Ecuador

Property Size: 40 hectares (99 acres)

Elevation of Loja city:  2060 m (6758 ft)

Population: 286, 938 (city)

Distance to the Airport (Catamayo): about 50 minutes in car

Annual average rainfall (Loja): 1,058mm (41.65 in)*

*Much of Southern Ecuador experiences a rainy and a dry season. The dry season is approximately June through September, while the rainy season is approximately October through May.

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