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7 Hectares with Fruit Trees, Spring Water, & Views

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Property Description


Located 15 minutes from Zumba by car is this beautiful 7-hectare (17.2 acre) property with many varieties of mature fruit trees, pure spring water, and lush green views of the Andes mountains!


A portion of the property has several productive fruit trees including, oranges, avocados, bananas, mandarins, cacao, and coffee. You can continue growing these fruits and plant other fruits and vegetables on other parts of the property.


A unique feature this property boasts is its own pure spring water! This means you can water your plants and collect water for your use in reservoir tanks.


There are a couple of flat areas where you can build a house or two in this peaceful atmosphere. To have better access within the property, you can put in an internal road that connects these flat areas to the main road.


While most of the land is sloped, it is still very usable. For example, you can easily plant more trees and other crops in these areas. You can even create terraced vegetable gardens. Some of the land could also be used as pastureland for cows, horses or other animals.


Come and enjoy your very own fruit haven in the orient of Ecuador!


Price: $50,000


Zumba: located in the southern orient, Zumba offers the perfect mix of factors that make Ecuador such a special place.  At 4000ft (1219m) above sea level, the climate is perfect – cool, but comfortable nights and warm but not too hot days.  Not overly humid, very few bugs, no dry season, lots of sun and some of the most lush and beautiful greenery, nature, agriculture and wildlife you will find anywhere on the planet are just some of what makes Zumba special.  Abundant, pure water, good, down to earth people, rich uncontaminated soil, and unheard of deals make Zumba my most highly recommend destination for your next investment or place to set up the lifestyle of your dreams. 

Property Data


Asking Price: $50,000

Location: Zumba, Chinchipe, Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador

Property Size: 7 Hectares (17.2 acres)

Population: 9000 (Zumba)

Altitude (town): 1676 m (5,500 ft.)

Distance to Airport (Catamayo): 211 km (131 mi)

Distance to Loja: 180 km (111 mi)

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