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90 Exotic Hectares with Waterfalls & Monkeys

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Property Description

A tropical Amazon paradise with waterfalls, fertile soil, bamboo groves, howler monkeys, and an untouched river and streams! This 90-hectare (222-acre) property is just 10 minutes outside of Zamora at a slightly higher elevation so the climate isn’t as hot as areas east of Zamora.

There are two impressive and majestic waterfalls on this property which are both accessible by foot on the lower section of the property. Pristine springs, streams, and a river can be found on the property.

The lower section of the property has around 3-4 hectares (7-9 acres) of flat land which would be ideal for building. On the upper section there is a lot of flat land perfect for agriculture and cattle grazing. This upper part of the property is currently only accessible by foot, but if you want to invest in an internal road, that can be done at a price. Or, you could potentially build some sort of chair lift for easier access to the upper land. If you put a road in, you could do other building projects on this upper section.

The soil throughout this land is so fertile and ideal for growing almost anything you can imagine. Among this fertile land, you will find enormously tall bamboo groves. You could use some of the bamboo for building or leave it be to preserve it.

Throughout this property the sounds of nature are evident in the songs of tropical birds, the rush of waterfalls, the rustling of leaves or the groaning of bamboo stalks as the breeze blows by. Other kinds of exotic wildlife like monkeys are heard and seen often!

This property is near another natural reserve that was made specifically for tourists and nature enthusiasts to enjoy nature and hike. You could even do this on this property by creating your own hiking trail system or designating unique spots for reflection!

Overall, this piece of land is remarkable in all it boasts and it is such a great deal! Don’t pass up owning your own piece of paradise!

Price: $219,000


Property Data



Location: Zamora, Ecuador

Property Size: 90 hectares (222 acres)

Altitude: 1,200 m (3937.008 ft)

Population (Zamora): 25,510

Distance to Zamora: 20 minutes by car

Distance to the Airport:  2 hours by car

Estimated Closing Costs: $4,200

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