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amazing riverfront find in quinara

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Property Description

Located in Quinara, 20 minutes from Vilcabamba and just over an hour from Loja sits a truly special 4.7 hectare (11.6 acre) piece of land.


With two accesses, one from the bottom (needs to be finished for a nominal cost) and one up above, this rural property is truly magical.


The lower section, which has about a hectare (2.5 acres) is completely flat, borders the river, has lots of majestic eucalyptus, some fruit trees, ornamental plants and flowers, a small rustic cabin and all the beauty you can possibly imagine.


This serene setting then gently slopes up the mountain opening up to multiple beautiful home sites above taking advantage of the amazing views of Quinara valley.


Perfect for cultivation, living, subdivision, etc.


The property is beautiful, but beyond that, it is being sold at a fraction of its market value due to the circumstances of the seller.


Beautiful mountain water is piped in a 3 inch pipe + canal at the top of the property.  Perfect for solar, but electric hookups are close by.


$65,000 (firm)


Ref. #LOJQUI12

Property Data

List Price: $65,000

Location: Quinara, Loja, Ecuador

Google maps link:

(-4.321056, -79.246056)

Property Size: 4.7 Hectares (11.6 acres)

Population: 1,384 (town)
Altitude (town): 1,612 m (5,288 ft)
Altitude (property): 1560m (5.118 ft)
High average (Quinara): 28.4° C ° C (83 ° F)
Low Average (Quinara): 13.3° C (56 ° F)
Annual rainfall (Quinara): 795 mm (31.29 in)

* Much of Southern Ecuador experiences a rainy and a dry season. The dry season is approximately June through September, while the rainy season is approximately October through May

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