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Beautiful Riverfront Property in the Orient

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Property Description

Located 40 minutes from Zamora is this beautiful 50-hectare (123.6-acre) property full of lush nature, natural springs, amazing views of the valley, and space for projects.


The property is accessed by crossing a river via a private pedestrian bridge. You can drive up to the bridge on the other side of the river and then walk across to get to the property. You could also cross the bridge on horseback or with a motorcycle.


Around the house and river there is a large spread of gently sloping pasture land that offers locations for building a future home or other projects. Above the house is steeper, more forested land. In these areas, you could make hiking trails that take you to viewpoints or plant a fruit orchard.


This land is very fertile and ideal for growing plants such as, cassava, plantain, bananas, papayas, oranges, tangerines, and many other tropical plants. With this great growing climate, you can create your own tropical fruit paradise!


Just imagine waking up every morning to peaceful birdsongs and the rushing of the river in addition to the wonderfully green views of the neighboring mountains!


The existing wooden house is very humble and will need some improvements to make it more livable. Or you could just build your own house and leave the existing house for storage. A huge plus is that this property already has electricity and potable water hooked up.


Price: $97,000


Property Data



Location: Zamora, Ecuador

Property Size: 50 hectares (123.6 acres)

Distance to the closest town: 20 minutes

Town location:

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