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buyers agent services

Do you know exactly the property you are looking for but don’t know how to find it?


Do you have a fixed set of criteria and characteristics your property must have?



We sure did when we moved to Ecuador looking for a piece of land.


If this is the case, our Buyers Agent Services are right for you.


As real estate professionals, we have positioned ourselves as a go to destination for people looking to buy and sell properties in Ecuador. 


Listing what we consider the most desirable properties in Ecuador is what we do.  However, from time to time even we don’t have exactly what you are looking for.


In Ecuador, many properties are for sale informally, through word of mouth, or even just available for sale but not explicitly. 


Our job as Buyers Agents is to exhaust all resources to to find the property of your dreams.


Often that means identifying properties that meets a very specific and potentially lengthy list of criteria. 


As Buyers Agents we work on your behalf to identify properties that meet your particular criteria.


Through our extensive network and a lot of digging we can identify just about any type of property in Ecuador.  This often means locating properties that are not currently on the market or signed to any real estate company.  


We use our expertise to expertly handle the entire process – from identification and due diligence to closing and everything in between. 


With Abundant Living Ecuador’s Buyers Agent Service you are in good hands!


The Fine Print


To find your perfect property takes a lot of work!  It often means many tens of man-hours away from the office, traveling, talking to locals, following leads and walking properties.  After the right property is located the work has just begun – negotiating the deal, checking boundaries, doing title research and ultimately, closing are all part of the process. 


In order to make the kind of time commitment necessary to successfully execute this process, we require a $1,000 deposit to get started.  This deposit is deducted from our commission at the time of closing. 


Our fee for this service is 6% of the sale price or $6,000 – whichever’s greater.

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