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Magnificent 100-Hectare Farm with many Springs

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Property Description

40 minutes from the city of Zamora towards Podocarpus National Park, where protected forests lie, is this wonderful 100-hectare (247-acre) riverfront property. Surrounded by beautiful mountains full of native forests, it is an optimal place to appreciate magnificent sunsets, birds and diverse fauna. It is a truly magical place!


The property has several pure water springs and other streams serve as property lines, as is the case with the Jambué river, which borders the lowest boundary. The streams run down as tributaries into the rushing river.


Upon arriving at the property, you immediately notice a large gently sloped area above the road and another similar area in the lower part which descends to the river. A public dirt road intersects these sections of the property and separates them. Near this area there is a small shack used as a barn for livestock and a wooden house that is in mediocre state, needing some repairs and updates to make it more comfortable.


Other parts of the property are heavily forested and more sloped. You could create hiking trails around these areas to explore the intricate flora and fauna and admire the beautiful views above.


There is a small road leading to the river on the edge of the farm. This farm’s land is very productive, at present it is being used for livestock. However, it would also be great for agriculture endeavors and fruit trees. In this area you can grow: banana, coffee, papaya, lemon, yucca, guavas, apples, vanilla and more products that adapt to this Amazonian climate at a height of 1400 meters (4593 feet) above sea level.

There is a possibility of subdividing property into smaller lots, which makes this a great investment. You could also create a conscientious eco-community here.


This is undoubtedly a cozy and impressive place where you can enjoy a quiet life in harmony with nature and a healthy, stress-free life while enjoying a great variety of birds that will delight you with their harmonious songs in the mornings and at sunset.


Come experience this piece of the Amazon for yourself!


Price: $250,000


Property Data



Location: Zamora, Ecuador

Property Size: 100 hectares (247 acres)

Distance to the closest town: 20 minutes

Altitude: 1400 meters (4593 feet)

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