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amazing organic cultivation and geodesic dome

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Property Description


Located in Chiquil, approximately 30 minutes from Malacatos, in the Canton of Gonzanama, sits 8.8 hectares (22 acres) of fertile land with amazing views.

There are several options for purchase here.

One title of 8,579.17m2 (2.1 acres) houses a partially completed geodesic dome house and organic farm.

The organic farm has drip irrigation set up throughout from a year-round canal, is surrounded by other organic farms, has incredible east facing views and a massive variety of carefully selected plants and fruit trees.

Existing cultivation includes:

  • 35 banana trees (2 varieties)

  • 28 orange trees (4 varieties)

  • 12 mandarin (2 varieties)

  • 7 mango

  • 12 coconut

  • 1 cashew

  • 12 avocado (2 varieties)

  • 10 almond

  • 1 macadamia

  • 2 fig

  • 2 guanabana

  • 3 pomegranate

  • 5 guava

  • 3 guayava (2 varieties)

  • 800 coffee (2 varieties)

Asking $56,000

There is another approximately 8,100m2 flat lot just behind the first asking $27,000.

And a third approximately 4,000m2 lot for $6,000.

Any of these can be purchased individually or together.

The property is in an extremely quiet, private, safe area with lots of sun and year round warmth.

There are approximately 8 hectares of protection above the property, ensuring continued contamination free lifestyle.

Enjoy the chirping birds, common rainbows and stunning views of Podocarpus.

Has pure, mountains spring, piped in drinking water.

The partially completed, 13m x 7m geodesic dome house has plumbing in place and is expertly crafted with deep concrete pillars/foundation and metal frame with water/big resistant wood and brick.

There is at least two other home sites on the bottom (house) portion of the property with privacy and own entrance.

This property is very rural – it is amazing for a self-sufficient, quiet, peaceful lifestyle.

The access road is all dirt, however there is a plan in place to pave in the near future.


Google Maps Link:

Elevation of the property:   5325ft (1623m)

Distance to the closest town: 50 minutes in car

Distance to the  Airport: 1 hour and 40 minutes in car

Temperature:  25º C (70º F)

Annual property taxes: $50,59


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