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Welcome to the Southern Ecuador Real Estate Tour!

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Is Ecuador on your radar as a place to live, invest, or purchase a second home?

Whether you are looking for a healthier more tranquil lifestyle, to be closer to your food and water supply, or for the next hot South American investment opportunity – Ecuador has a lot to offer.


This tour allows you to efficiently get to know the Southern Ecuador real estate market. If you would like to check out Ecuador, but only have a week or two, this is the perfect solution!

We offer 10 day real estate tours in both private and group settings 

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Our backgrounds in financial services and real estate investing, coupled with our experience relocating to Ecuador, learning Spanish, purchasing land and navigating the business/investment landscape puts us in a unique position to offer you a truly rewarding experience. 


Before you decide to uproot your life and move to a foreign country, you first need to know if it is really right for you. Where do you want to be? What climate do you prefer? City or rural? Land or house? What is the real estate market like? How does the residency and citizenship process work? What about cost of living, banking and investing?


If you could get all of your questions answered in 10 days and leave having gotten a real sense of Ecuador – wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?


If so, this tour is for you.

What will I do on my tour? 

First and foremost you will get to know the real Ecuador.


In each area you will learn what life is like, what amenities are available, what other expats are up to and what properties are on the market.


Want to check out some of the properties you will have an opportunity to check see?

We designed the tour to give you the fullest picture of what we consider the best part of Ecuador. We want you to leave feeling like you have a handle on all of your questions and concerns. 


You will have extended access to our expertise, and we will continue to make ourselves available to you after you leave. 

This is a comfortable tour, we do not believe in roughing it.

Our favorite hotels and restaurants, luxurious massages, time to rest and comfortable transportation – we want you to enjoy your trip.  And we spare no expense in making you feel comfortable. 

What do I get for my money?

  • Real estate tour

  • Hotel accommodations

  • Transportation

  • Entry fees to all group activities

  • Unfettered access to our expertise

  • Presentations on; banking, healthcare, visa options and processes, investing, real estate purchase and valuation, passport options, taxes, government programs, the relocation process and more

What if I want to change the itinerary?

No problem! If you are on a private tour and find an area you would like to spend some extra time getting to know or a property you would like to explore further, we can make adjustments to accommodate you. 

How do I sign up? 

Just pick your dates, decide if you want a group or private tour, and signup.


You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.


When you arrive we will be waiting for you at the airport, with refreshments, a robust information packet and to drive you to lovely Vilcabamba – where you can spend the next day unwinding at a beautiful hotel and enjoy a relaxing massage on us!


Note: Don't see the tour option that best fits your needs?  We can accommodate.  Contact us for a tailored package.

CONTACT US TOLL FREE 1-888-999-0948 [US/CAN]

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