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Property Description


Understated, casual country elegance and seclusion with extraordinary 360-degree views carefully and expertly set in over 21 acres of its own grounds, this property is remarkable by any standard.  It is located within a secure community in southern Ecuador in a beautiful valley just 3 miles from Vilcabamba, the sacred valley also known as the Valley of Longevity.


Option to ppurchase fully furnished with English antiques, the understatedly elegant 4,400 square foot main house is truly unique. The basic design has its origins in southern Europe, but this has been adapted to allow for maximum use of traditional local materials and to permit the structure to sit perfectly in its setting.


High ceilings and dense walls made of Tapia (rammed-earth), vaunted for their ecological soundness help maintain a constant temperature by absorbing the heat from the sun during the day and releasing it during the night. The exterior of the main house is liberally faced with polished marble for both practical and aesthetic purposes.


The windows are large and so are the rooms to allow abundant air and light. Wooden doors and windows are superbly handcrafted in fine, strong, wonderfully colored hardwood. All the windows have handmade wooden shutters on the inside.


Behind the main house is a large courtyard featuring an elegant 65 ft. long lap pool, and behind it a striking marble staircase leading up to an overlooking terrace.


Including a lovely 2,600 square foot guesthouse, 1,000 square foot cottage, its own source of water, fruit orchard, security, walking paths, and beautiful landscaping, every detail has been expertly executed in this masterfully built estate.


By excavating well into the slope of the plateau and removing 10,000 cubic meters of rock and earth, the main house has been set well down to blend into the landscape and provide as much protection and privacy as possible.


The asking price has been reduced to a ridiculous $999K for a quick sale!!


Notable Features:

  • Teak floors in living room, sitting room and bedrooms

  • Polished marble floors in all other areas

  • All windows, exterior doors and all but 4 interior doors reaching to 9 feet from the floor

  • Wooden windows and doors all in fine hardwood with carefully selected, elegant hardware

  • Internal hardwood shutters for all windows

  • All internal walls at least 11 feet floor to ceiling

  • Massive principal living room with an area of 900 square feet, 16.5 feet high internal walls and a domed ceiling above.

  • Majestic glass and decorative metal doors covering areas of 9 feet high by 17 feet wide both front and back in the living room to provide superb views of the mountain-bordered valley in front and the sun-lit courtyard behind.

  • Ideal for parties, these doors fold back on themselves and right out of the way to take every advantage of the balmy weather, thus connecting the house beautifully with the impressive entrance porch in front and the inviting courtyard and pool behind

  • Huge rough-hewn functional marble fireplace dominating one side of the living room

  • Large master bedroom with walk-in sitting room, bathroom and closet creating a private internal area of 830 square feet

  • All bathrooms with walls and floors finished in polished marble

  • Spacious spare bedroom and bathroom with an internal area of 320 square feet

  • Practical kitchen with 28 linear feet of 2 feet deep counters with oversized double sinks, all in polished concrete, and noble 400 square feet proportions to double as an elegant indoor dining room

  • Fine furniture in lieu of kitchen cabinetry to preserve the elegant effect of the kitchen / dining room

  • 2 very large linen movable storage cupboards in the spacious laundry

  • 2 verandas, one with a sink and counter in beautiful contrasting Saraguro stone, each with a floor area of over 350 square feet and sized to accommodate a large dining table

  • Each veranda with 4 classic brick-finished arches leading to 2 gentle stone steps down to the brick-tiled courtyard floor surface

  • Central music system with speakers throughout the house, porch and courtyard

  • Provision of 110 and 220 volt electrical outlets throughout

  • Purified drinking water


The guesthouse is set at a friendly, but private distance from the main house and was designed for relatively short-term visitors. However, it is much sought after as a long-term rental property. The house is laid out with a large kitchen at one end and 2 bedrooms at the other and a large covered area in between with seating in polished concrete, notably in the 'cave' with working fireplace. The layout provides superb views of the sacred Mandango mountain and the range of Podocarpus Park mountains behind.


Guesthouse – Notable Features:

  • Brick-tiled floor surface throughout

  • Walls of adobe and contrasting stone in the bedrooms, all the stone gathered from the excavation work on the property itself

  • First world comfort with traditional rustic style and materials

  • 2 generously proportioned bedrooms / bathrooms, each with an area of 270 square feet; the one upstairs with large glass doors opening to a balcony to enhance the incredible views

  • Large kitchen with separate pantry giving a total area of 300 square feet designed to permit easy catering for large groups: all counters and 2 double sinks in beautiful polished concrete

  • Sizeable room with separate entrance above kitchen for storage or use as an office

  • Fireplace area with polished concrete table and seating

  • Large covered area in one of the most picturesque spots imaginable: ideal for parties with space to seat 40 or more

  • Central music system with speakers throughout the entertainment area

  • Provision of 110 and 220 volt electrical outlets throughout

  • Purified drinking water


The architect who helped design and execute all the construction is also a noted landscape designer. He specified and supervised the placing of the buildings and their surroundings, together with the extensive earthmoving work to make the most of this incredible site.


He succeeded in enhancing not only the privacy of this naturally secluded spot, but also the unparalleled views in all directions.


He responded admirably to the current owners' desire to create an interesting, unfussy and easily maintained garden based on trees and plants native to this area, with a primary focus on flowering plants around the living areas and orchards of fruit elsewhere.


The main garden concentration is on the plateau where the houses are set.  There are ravines to either side of this plateau with pleasant mountainsides beyond completely covered with native 'huilco', 'ceibo' and 'faique' trees. These rise to the property borders at the top of the mountainside ridges with the nature reserve beyond, so giving complete privacy.


The ravines with dappled sunshine are particularly peaceful, private and ideal for planting of coffee, cacao and other productive and decorative sun-sensitive plants. The coffee grove already becoming established in one ravine provides the perfect environment for meditation or contemplation. Walking in these grounds is a delight.


Irrigation needs were central to the planning of the development project. Water is drawn from the irrigation canal, which flows through the lower portion of the estate which also houses:


  • A charming 2 bedroom 1,000 square feet cottage with all amenities for a resident gardener/caretaker

  • Paddocks for horses

  • Extensive vegetable and fruit gardens

  • Reliable source of irrigation water


The irrigation water is drawn from the river-fed canal and sent from the pump house to the large open reservoir near the top of property above, whence it is gravity-fed to the gardens below.

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explore the area


Nestled under the watchful eye of its mythical mountain protector Mandango, lies world famous Vilcabamba.  Located just 45 minutes outside of Loja, with its idyllic climate, stunning natural beauty and mix of pueblo culture and global influence, Vilcabamba offers one of the most unique experiences in the world. Read More >

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