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incredible views with water in quinara

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Sitting on top of a small hill overlooking the beautiful valley of Quinara is a mostly flat 3.77 hectare (37.700m2, 9.3 acre) piece of land with good soil and plenty of water.


Located less than 25 minutes from Vilcabamba, in the ‘La Palmira’ section of the tiny town of Quinara you are in rural Andean Ecuador but only just over an hour to the city of Loja and around an hour and a half from the airport.


There are many home sites on this property and plenty of space for orchards and gardens.


The panoramic views are breathtaking.  Pure, pristine mountain water is piped in in a large 4+ inch pipe offering an abundance of water for irrigation and drinking (potable water hookup also available).


Electricity is right there for easy connection.


The access road is in place but needs a little work, less than $2,000 in total.


The weather in Quinara, almost identical to Vilcabamaba (approximately a degree warmer and ever so slightly drier) is perfect, never hot and never cold with year round highs often in the upper 70’s.


If you’re a lover of views, pure water and peace and quiet this is a great option for you.



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Elevation of the property:   5413ft (1650m)

Distance to the closest town: 5 minutes in car

Distance to the  Airport: 2 hour and 8 minutes in car

Temperature:  25º C (70º F)

Annual property taxes: $123,98


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