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legends, incan ruins, gold, cultivation, forest and water!

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Property Description


Nearly 2,000 Hectares (over 4,800 Acres) located a few minutes above the lovely town of Quinara, Ecuador.


Under 30 minutes to famous Vilcabamba and another 45 to the city of Loja this Finca has a bit of everything.


Featuring a rustic home, pig facilities, a stone walled pasture area, fruit trees, several hectares used for organic cultivation, a river, many streams, lots of flat, your very own mountain and a huge native forest.


Entering the property at the bottom you arrive at a protected valley, the river, animal facilities, cultivation and the river.


The house is private and protected, yet takes advantage of stunning views of the green mountains of Podocarpus National Park.


Behind that and up there is a mountain.  Many parts are very steep, however there are flat areas perfect for projects throughout.


Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this property are the legends associated with it.  According to the locals, an Incan chief under duress buried a large treasure of gold on the land.  Over the years many people have dug for it ­– coming up empty handed.  Visible to the eye however are Incan ruins and amazing caves.  Some of the ruins are perfect for restoration.  The property is also said to have high energetics associated with healing and longevity.


With good road access to the bottom portions and some roadwork done to some of the mountainous areas (in need of repair), this property is perfect for many different kinds of projects.  A retreat or healing center, a hotel or spa, or a tourist attraction to the Incan ruins would be excellent choices.


There are 442.6 hectares on the upper regions of protected forest.  The conservation contract with the Ministerio del Ambiente pays $5,926.00 annually. 


This property is also an excellent candidate for reforestation.



Google Maps Link:

Elevation of the property:   7119ft (2170m)

Distance to the closest town: 5 minutes in car

Distance to the  Airport: 2 hour and 14 minutes in car

Temperature:  º24 C (º75 F)

Annual property taxes: $162,07


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